Shopping in Bangkok! Part 1 – The Shops!

Yes Carmen and Natasha are going international!! Well ok, a 2.5 hour plane ride to Bangkok, but still we thought our readers would appreciate the gesture.

So here are some of the best shops and stores that we absolutely adore in Bangkok baby!


An upmarket shopping mall in Bangkok, think Paragon in Singapore but ten times better! Why? Well just look at the pictures below – the mall is stunning!

We adore this store display below, not to mention the clothes. This is the storefront for JASPAL – a brand started in Thailand and offers high fashion ready to wear pieces at affordable prices. We highly recommend a visit, even if it is just to stare at their gorgeous displays!

SIAM CENTER (pop up stores available for limited time only)

Ok so Siam Center itself is closed for renovations until December this year, but they have pop up stores mainly between Siam Discovery mall and Siam Paragon – check out how creative the store displays are below!

Check out this die necklace below – super cute! Available at the Siam Centre pop up store in Siam Paragon.


Opposite the Siam Center, you can check out Siam Square, which has loads of little individual shops on street lanes. These aren’t as cheap as the markets, but you can still find some gems here, and they are reasonably priced for independent designer prices (you’re looking at 1000THB and upwards mostly. which is 40SGD and up).

Love the cute little dress in the below right corner, not sure about the matching hat (that may be enough to get you on the worst dressed list)…

Again, the headwear is not advisable below, but we do love the decor and who doesn’t love a bit of houndstooth?!


This mall is a haven for younger designers and we love the quirky space at the top of the mall where the movies are – very artsy! This mall is where you will find loads of university students snapping up clothes and accessories!

One level in Union Mall is entirely devoted to young designers! We love that! It’s always fun to support local talent and  browse through their unique designs!


Woah this market is not only the biggest outdoor market in the world, it is also the HOTTEST. And we mean H.O.T. There are loads of people around and it’s easy to get lost. We recommend sticking to section 3, which is where all the young, funky designers are (there is a huge difference between this section and the other sections in the market, in our humble opinion), and then finish the day with a foot massage (you’ll need one) and a cold shower!

Below was one of the awesome shops in section 3 of the market – but note we found out later that a lot of these stores also have outlets in air-conditioned malls as well! So if you can’t handle sweating buckets at this outdoor market then just head to Terminal 21 Mall and Union Mall instead!


One of the coolest malls ever, also one of the tackiest but it is done so well that you can’t help but smile at the concept! Terminal 21 is based on arriving at an airport, where the information staff are even dressed as airline crew! Each floor is dedicated to a different country/city, so you have Greece, Paris, London, Tokyo and San Fran all in the one mall. There are also a lot of different stores here so it is worthwhile stopping by!

Seriously, a double decker London bus in the middle of a mall in Bangkok! What next?!

When eating ramen or sushi just doesn’t give you enough of a Japanese fix, head to the Tokyo level! They even have massive sumo wrestler statues!

LOVE this shirt below! Perfect for the office. 


We also rate Platinum Mall if you are looking for wholesale bargains (but note, this is for the die hard shopper, not for the delicate!).

In part 2 of Bangkok, we will show you what Carmen purchased!


Jewellery we like from Max and Chloe!

We love all the below jewellery – all available from – one of our fave online stores for purchasing accessories, and yes they ship to Singapore!! Let us know which one you love most!

1. Holy Harlot Mauve Gem Earrings: $95 USD (SGD115) – LOVE THIS!

2. Janna Conner Ruby Alair Necklace: $95USD (SGD115)

3. Ruby Kats Melange Necklace: $160USD (SGD195) – This is our favourite piece! If you purchase over $150USD you get a free gift!

4. Alvina Abramova Ruby Crystal Jade Earrings: $52USD (SGD64)

5. Tuleste Market Ruby Cat Eye Skinny Braided Marble Necklace: $145USD (SGD176)

Clothes from Salad Shop, Haji Lane

Here are some of the clothes at Salad shop – there seems to be quite a botanical theme here!!

Awesome floral top in MUSTARD. Still can’t get enough of this colour! Priced at SGD79.

Simple white dress and the fabric felt great… priced at SGD139

Love this botanical skirt! Very comfy and stretchy, and looks more expensive then it is (can a girl ask for more from fashion?!). Priced at SGD89

We like the animal print on this top below, mainly because the print is a bit more subtle, with hints of teal and pink running through the top. We would recommend chunky accessories to go with it however for the younger ladies, to stop it looking too auntie-ish! Price: SGD69

In Singapore we must admit we need a huge stock of dresses like the ones below (which reminds us of tree trunks!)…flowy enough for your skin to breathe in this crazy hot place, but with a bit of shape so you don’t look like a potato sack. Yes please. And you can change it up a bit just be wearing a different colour belt – we like the idea of wearing a white belt one day, and neon yellow the next for this dress!  Priced at SGD89

Cute little pattern, a Jurong bird park dress perhaps! Priced at SGD139

More on Haji Lane: Going Green at Salad Shop

As we continued to walk under Singapore’s scorching sun and what felt like a 100% humidity, we found Salad Shop, nestled towards the end of Haji Lane. The name caught our attention, so we decided to step inside to satisfy our curiosity.

The first thing we noticed was the wonderful scent in the shop, which immediately will put anyone at ease. The second thing we noticed was the shop’s adorable decor, it really feels like being in a sale bowl; the shop has a colorful mix of bits and pieces – all deemed worthy of being ‘eye candy’!

At a glance, the first part of the shop has a ‘Jones the Grocer’ feel to it, the concrete floor and the stacked shelves again the wall. The plants make it look like a very upscale nursery! For all of you who are interior design aficionados, this shop  will definitely inspire you.

Do you have an empty glass jar sitting in the corner of the drawer wasting space? Turn it into a mini flower jar. Natasha secretly has a couple of those.

We totally love the cutlery hanger, perfect to hang your colorful apron and oven mitts in style.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we discovered a staircase leading us to the second floor! It is filled with home decor goodies such as cutlery, glassware, vase, you name it they got it – and of course more clothes and accessories.

The necklaces are very dainty and delicate. The quality is superb!  And we are loving the way they’re displayed.

Message in the bottle? Great idea for home decor. We were so inspired and started to think that maybe it’s time to renovate the apartment. Hm…..

This little corner is picture perfect! We need not say more.

We LOVE the orange top and botanic-looking skirt ensemble! The bright orange is so striking against the toned down graphic green pencil skirt. Wear it with wedges or flats or stripy sandals or pumps (see how versatile the outfit is?).

How gorgeous are the necklaces?!! We want them in every color.

If you plan to visit Salad Shop, here are the details:

27 Haji Lane  Singapore 189218
6299 5808

Spotted in SG: neon yellow and black

We are loving what Pamela is wearing! The black and white is classic and a no brainer, but combine it with a bit of neon yellow in all the right places and stack bracelets and the unique leather clutch? Genius! Who says neon polish doesn’t work in the office?! Pamela totally rocked this look to perfection, not too over the top, but far from boring.

Spotlight on Soon Lee

After our successful adventure to Zhai a few weeks ago, we decided to go back to Haji Lane to spot a few more cute shops. We were on a serious mission to spot our next favorite shop (we have MANY favorites). Armed with strong will and womanly instinct, we ended up at Soon Lee located opposite of Zhai.

Soon Lee is amazing. It’s a combination of Nana & Bird and Flea and Trees, with a little bit of Peachy and Shiva and Otkuda, combined with all other gazillion things we’ve blogged on. We were in heaven.  We did not waste any time, so we ogled at the gorgeous clothes and accessories and snapped a few pics (okay a few as in 30 photos).

We love the bracelets, necklaces and stacked rings so much! The details and craftsmanship is simply awesome. The combination of colors definitely serve as eye candy. WE WANT THEM ALL!!

How cute is this monochrome corner and the lamp post just adds a bit of oomph on the dark wooden floor. The black and white houndstooth is a timeless piece that every woman should invest in.

Cute casual dress, paired with simple flats and quirky clutch. Perfect for a weekend coffee per-me-ups with your girlfriends. The best part? The dress is on sale for 20 per cent off! Price: SGD139

We absolutely adore this incredibly talented Bangkok designer, Poem. his designs are just divine, the cuts are perfectly measured and each seam is sewn with perfection. The ensemble above and below is oh-so-Sex in the City. We can totally picture Charlotte wearing this ensemble or even Carry with a pair of her Manolos. Price: SGD269 (skirt)

We like the prints on this dress, but decided to give it a bit of life by adding the green sash. Price: SGD99 (dress) and SGD45 (sash)

When we saw this mannequin, we just had to stop and snap a picture of her. The whole combo works, and whoever said that denim on denim doesn’t work – well, let’s just say we beg to differ. The statement necklace compliments the whole outfit perfectly, and the clutch bag adds a nice touch. Feeling boyish? Take out your old white Converse and wear them with a bit of attitude with this outfit.

If Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly were still around, they would definitely have this outfit in their closet. Wear a simple black ballerina flats with this outfit or put on those towering black pump stilletos for a more demure look. Don’t forget to bring your clutch!

The dress above is by Hansel, another Singapore designer who produces fantastic quality clothing. This dress is perfect for a preppy look in the office. The collar is such a nice touch, so are the lines that accentuate your waist. Level of comfort? 10 out of 10! price: SGD269

How gorgeous is the houndstooth skirt! Carmen totally nailed this look. The only accessory you need with this outfit is a red lipstick. Convert this ensemble into a workwear by replacing the black top with a white shirt or silky blouse. price: SGD179 (Skirt)

Again, this skirt screams Sex in the City! Poem’s designs are rather whimsical and super girly. We think that this is a perfect shade of red. Price: SGD269 (skirt)

Natasha absolutely is in love with these two outfits. Everything about it screams elegance and class. From the Chantilly lace top, to the classic pencil skirt, to the fitted white top and the ribbon sash, and the skirt that would make everyone look twice (in a good way). She officially has a crush on these two combos (and she might quietly go back to the shop to get them!).

The blush pink top and the details on the shoulder is perfect to dress up or down. And the necklace? It really completes this look!

We both almost said it in unison “Ooh I love these pants!”. A pair of pastel ballerina flats would go so well with the pants.

The closeup of the necklace we mentioned earlier. they’re quite steep though at SGD248 each.

We love the colors and prints of the clutch bags. We want them all as well!

Soon Lee features the most amazing accessories, from dainty earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces to unique statement pieces.

We can’t get enough of the necklace! This dress was a bit plain on its own so we thought we’d jazz it up a bit with a pattern clutch and the beautiful necklace. Price: SGD269 (dress)

We kinda like the brooches. Pin it on a cardigan or put it on your clutch bag.


73 Haji Lane, Singapore
12:00pm – 9:00pm daily,
1:00pm – 8:00pm on Sundays

Cute & cheap tank tops @ Victoria Jomo, Haji Lane Singapore!

Check out these cute tank tops with creative designs at Victoria Jomo. They are definitely cheapies so don’t expect these to last, but given they are offering 2 for $20 it isn’t exactly going to break the bank!

Love this tank top below – the message on it is also so sweet! There were about 10 tops in this rack we could have easily bought!

This tank below is perfect for whisky lovers!

Check out this tank top perfect for twitterers! So cute – we love this.

Victoria Jomo

Address: 9 Haji Lane,  Singapore 189202
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 1pm – 8.30pm. Friday to Saturday: 1pm – 9.30pm. Sunday: 1pm – 8pm


Shoes in Singapore: Pedro!

Pedro operates 44 stores around Asia including Singapore. Their collection is more upmarket than Charles and Keith but cheaper than Aldo!

We visited the 313 Somerset store in Singapore over the weekend – check out our favourites!

Loving these simple evening shoes and they’re only SGD83!

These shoes below are ridiculously comfortable – like wearing bedroom slippers but out of the house! Loving the denim ones on the far left! Price: SGD69

When you can’t afford Tod’s shoes, come here for a little indulgence! These (again very comfortable) shoes are priced at SGD74. Just a little cheaper than Tod’s then….

Who doesn’t need pastel ballet pumps?! So cute, and we’re just not sure which colour we like most here… Priced at SGD69

Clearly the yellow ballet pump called out louder than the others! They’re very comfy too!

These strappy sandals below will cost you SGD59.

And more sandals (well in Singapore these are a wardrobe staple!) – the ones below are priced at SGD66.

For more details on Pedro, click on the following link:

What’s in MANGO (Singapore) right now?

Here’s looking at the collection currently available in MANGO (we visited the store in 313 Somerset)…

Our fave look right now. The skirt has soo many studs sewn into it, it’s really quite heavy but looks very glam! Prices: Top SGD59, Skirt SGD99

Looking for a more interesting jacket? This one below is priced at a very reasonable SGD69!

This jacket below is even more versatile (who doesn’t need a black jacket?) and we love the gold zips! Priced at SGD89.

Here is the black jacket again – love the collar!

Red is everywhere right now! Prices: blouse SGD49, black shiny jeans SGD89

This sparkly top below costs SGD49.

This is the red version of the white jacket shown above. Reminds us of Michael Jackson in Thriller! Halloween is coming up so this could make a cool costume! Price SGD69

Simple black dress below. Great for those days where you just feel too lazy (or have slept in) and need something to throw on quickly before going to work! Price: SGD69

Let us know which look you like best!

Fashion challenge: Looks for under $50 at Forever 21!

Sometimes we find we just need  a little fashion fix for our wardrobes. Forever 21 can be a bit hit and miss at times, but here are three of our favourite looks in stores now, all for under $50!

Look 1: Seeing Red – Forever 21 Red Dress SGD39

Red seems to be EVERYWHERE right now (just walk into Zara!). This dress is a cheapie but a goodie, and fits quite well. Pop on a blazer and no-one will know this dress was from Forever 21!

Look 2: The Preppy look – Taupe Forever 21 Red Dress SGD39

Love the preppy collar on this dress with the studs – simple and we like the idea of teaming with a black bag and skinny belt! The dress does need a good steam though!

Look 3: Friday in the office look Blouse SGD33, Skirt SGD29 (Total= SGD62)…

WOOPS Ok so this look is a  little over the $50 budget, but given the other looks were under budget, we thought we could get away with it!

Love the blouse, which is so versatile, it can be teamed with any colour under the sun and if you wanted to play it conservative just team it with a black skirt!
We love it with this blue skirt, however obviously if your office is a bit more conservative, we recommend a longer length!

Love the idea of wearing a neon yellow skinny belt with this look too!

Which look do you like the most?

More from Lauren Jasmine in Singapore

We recently visited Singaporean brand Lauren Jasmine (click here to visit previous blog post).

Check out some of our favourite looks below – and yes you can purchase online in Singapore! For details on pricing click on the image. We especially love the black dress bottom right – a classic design with a twist!

Carmen’s little purchase at the Botanic Gardens shop in Singapore…

We love this tote bag…sold at the Botanic Gardens shop in Singapore…. so much so that Carmen just had to purchase it! Price: SGD15.50

What do you think?

Here is some inspiration of what to wear to the Botanic Gardens…(if you want further details on prices for individual items please click on the photo!)

And speaking of all things botanic, here is a picture of the pretty flowers on Carmen’s desk right now!

SKYE by Ana Liew: chic holiday dresses in Singapore

SKYE by Ana Liew’s new collection is called “Indian summer”. These are our top picks from the collection. We especially love the pink and purple dresses because they are so versatile (you can wear them in many different ways). Perfect to take on your next beach holiday! They are a bit on the pricey side, but given the versatility of the dresses and the colourful designs we think they’re worth it.

If you would like further details and pricing, just click on the dress you like!

W Boutique fair: Spotlight on OTKUDA

At the W boutique fair last week, we met the talented Irina McCreadie, self-taught designer of her own brand, Otkuda (which means “from where” in Irina’s native Russian).

Otkuda provides a breath of fresh air in the Singapore fashion scene, her clever use of colour blocking and detailed prints in the current collection are perfect for this tropical climate! All the ready-to-wear clothes are made by hand, by Irina. The material is light and breezy, and she also designs clothes to flatter all body types. Even better, if you want her to customize something just for you, she can do that too!

We present to you… Otkuda!

The incredibly talented Irina McCreadie, in one of her own dresses. Price: SGD169

We love this top below – the lighter pink tones it down a notch. We would definitely wear this with white jeans! All handmade, and priced at a reasonable SGD50.

These tops below are Carmen’s favourite….pair it with some black skinny jeans and away you go! LOVE THIS! Price: SGD50

Close up of the top above.

Looking for a breezy dress to wear for those days when it just feels too hot? The one below gives you plenty of room to breathe and we love the design. Price: SGD169

Check out this gorgeous tank top below – so versatile to dress up or down!

This dress is the final one in Otkuda’s collection, however we had to show it to you – so much hard work has gone into this dress! Price: SGD230

On the topic of stunning, here is another dress that we think deserves to be on the red carpet! As mentioned earlier, Irina also take orders for truly bespoke garments, designed and fitted for the customer.This particular dress below would cost SGD800. That’s really not bad compared to purchasing a ball gown off the rack! The process involves meeting Irina for an initial design meeting followed by at least two fittings.

Another gown designed by Irina! Simple yet elegant.

The details…

Facebook page:

See Otkuda at the “Boutiques at Dempsey House” (new home for Singapore’s best fair Boutiques at Fort Canning). 8D Dempsey Road, Singapore
19 November 2012, 10am-8pm; and
20 November 2012, 10am-6pm.

No strange things at Strangelets, Tiong Bahru

If you haven’t heard of Strangelets yet, then think kitsch, anti-commercial, quirky designer wares and that pretty much sums up the shop. A very cool place to visit if you are just getting a bit sick of the big malls! Side note… bring your credit card… you’ll need it here!

Strangelets used to be located at Amoy Street but has moved to Tiong Bahru (all details at end of this post). There are four owners, two of them are Singaporean and two are foreigners (South African and German). These different backgrounds add to the the eclecticism felt throughout the store.

Paper balloons – the decor is magical!

Still not sure what exactly is in the Strangelets shop? Luckily we are hard working bloggers and have taken pictures for you! Check it out…

Colourful artisan bracelets by Carrie K, these are handmade in Florence. The brand won ELLE’s designer of the year in 2010. Price: SGD98 each

Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve, just wear Love on your neck instead! Necklaces also by Carrie K. Price: SGD148

Very sweet little thank you cards – perfect to have in the drawer so you can send out when required!

Creative little notebooks… the first one on the left says: “I am not weird I am unique”. That’s our favourite one.

Colourful homewares! Yes these will cost you a bomb but at the same time, if you’ve ever walked into any major department store here, you’ll know that quality homewares and steep prices go hand in hand… At least these are quirky!

For cheap crockery we would recommend Temple Street in Chinatown. But when you want something a bit different, check out Strangelets collection!

Just another example of the very cool homewares you can purchase at Strangelets! Imagine a bunch of white hydrangeas in the middle pot – how amazing would that look?!

Two of the owners at Strangelets have had babies, and therefore you see they are expanding their kids section – check out how cute this shoe below is!


Address: 7 Yong Siak Street  168644
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm

Peachy update: Simona shoes – more pics!

So after our last post on Peachy (see here) we have had some requests to show what the shoes by Simona look like on people – so here it is!

If these photos don’t convince you to grab a pair, we don’t know what will!

These are the gold sandals by Simona (price: SGD140)

And here are the same shoes in mustard colour – one of the best sellers at Peachy (and given our current obsession with this colour, we think very fitting!). These shoes are available in EIGHT colours! Tan brown, dark blue, yellow, hot pink, emerald green, black, silver and gold!

In case you really like the bag (another best seller),  here is a close up of it! Priced at SGD449, it’s actually a limited edition and made of the softest calf leather.


Shop online at:
Singapore showroom is located at: 320 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, Block B #01-36, Singapore 247980. Please call on +65 9850 6780 to make an appointment prior to your visit.


Ribbon and Roses: Going girly in Singapore

We met Marina Milburn, the owner of Ribbon and Roses, at the W Boutique fair last week. Marina, originally from the UK, decided to establish the brand after working 10 years in the fashion world and a move to Singapore.

Here is a look at some of their collection found at the W Boutique fair – we found the brand to be feminine and dainty, and especially love the accessories!

This jewellery is so feminine and romantic – perfect for when you want to wear a flowy summery dress that require dainty accessories.

How cute are the earrings below to provide a splash of colour to your outfit! Price for stud earrings: SGD100

And for a closer look…(priced at SGD100)

These earrings below are really popular at Ribbon & Roses. We especially like the idea of wearing the green ones at the top with a simple black structured dress!

We also really like the below earrings with an all white outfit – reminds us of Greece or Santorini! Price: SGD100

Turquoise, black agate, labradorite, chalcedony, lazuli… these necklaces below are heaven on a chain and cost SGD80.

Gift idea alert! Check out these vintage typewriter key necklaces below – and now they are 20% off so you can also buy them for your friends! SGD56 each

Love these bracelets below – you can mix and match! They are very popular and sell out quickly! Prices from SGD50.

A handmade chiffon, tulle and cotton rose bib ribbon necklace below – loving this!

These dresses below are amazing – they remind us of Diane von Furstenberg (without the designer price tag attached!). Which colour do you like the most?

Looking for a colourful beach wrap dress? This one below costs SGD110.

This floaty maxi dress is part of Ribbon and Roses new collection! Accessorised with a brown belt. Cost: SGD120

Like shoes? How about these black and white quilt pumps below – they remind us of Chanel or Tod’s ballet pumps! And they’re 20% off! Now priced at SGD74.

Ribbon and Roses also sells bags, homewares, art prints, scented candles and even gift vouchers!

The details…

Ribbon and Roses is an online store however they are also expanding offline – now available at Antipodean, Trixilini, A-Mod and they even had stock previously available at Nana & Bird… but it sold out so quickly!.

They also offer a home shopping experience for you and your girlfriends where you can have a R&R shopping party at your home (think girls night in with cocktails and shopping!!)! For more details see contact information below!

Ribbon and Roses

Online store:
Telephone: +65 8128 8176

Tiong Bahru adventure continues: Introducing Bhutan!

Do you ever feel like you want to go to the magical Bhutan on your next holiday, but cannot be bothered to apply for the visa and plane ride? Now you can hop on a cab, bus, car, or walk to Bhutan – located on Yong Siak Street in Tiong Bahru!

We discovered this fantastic little shop after our visit to Nana & Bird and thought that it would be a crime not to blog about this gorgeous quaint shop. The store started out selling Bhutan-made goods such as textiles, traditional clothing and jewellery but has now diversified to include quirky homewares, paintings, fashion jewellery from Monaco to Japan, soap (the store smells amazing – we think it’s lemongrass!), and even plants… all under one roof!

There are plants everywhere…and we mean everywhere! From outside the shop to indoors… they even sell terraniums which are sooo cool! Haven’t seen these sold anywhere else in Singapore! And they’re all for sale!

We have no idea whether the jumbo scrabble letters below are random or if “IDYSS” means something (if so, please feel free to enlighten us by posting a comment below!). Either way, we love the decor in Bhutan – it is quirky, eccentric and actually quite calming – no hustle and bustle here!

Some of the jewellery in the shop centres around philanthropy, with the designs below contributing to a Vietnamese charity to improve the lives of the so-called boat people of Hue. To learn more about this click here.

These bags below are actually created out of swimming caps (well that’s our theory anyway – we could almost smell chlorine which instantly took us back to our childhood!)

This necklace below is made out of SAFETY PINS! Who would have thought? Natasha wanted to go home and immediately raid her sewing kit to make this herself, we think this would definitely create conversations!

This shop makes you happy. How could you possibly remain depressed with so much vibrant colour throwing itself at you everywhere you look! We love the children’s paintings on the wall in the background – they are magical!

Beatles t-shirts in Singapore – at SGD25 each!

And in case you were wondering where the traditional Bhutanese products were (or even what they look like) – here are a few pics!

The details…


Address: 1D Yong Siak Street, Tiong Bahru (just opposite Nana and Bird!)
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 6pm; Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 4pm. Closed on Monday and public holidays.

Carmen & Natasha tip: note Nana and Bird is also closed on Mondays (and Tuesdays), so we recommend visiting on any other day but these ones… and if you want to eat/ drink coffee, we can highly recommend Open Door Policy just down the road (19 Yong Siak Street).

Tiong Bahru Adventure: Nana & Bird

We simply could not get enough of Tiong Bahru,  the day we fell in love with ‘Flea and Trees’  was when we decided to conquer the area one cute little shop at a time. Our instinct has proven to be more accurate than our sense of direction, and it certainly did not fail us this time when we stumbled upon Nana & Bird.

When we stepped into the shop, we were ooh-ing and aah-ing as we gaze at all the cute items around us! After gaining our composure, we decided to ‘get to work’ and try on all the cute things we could possibly find (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!).

Carmen and Natasha proudly present you: Nana & Bird!

We stopped in our tracks and fussed about how clever the signage is (above). LOVE IT!

Just to clarify, we visited the “flagship” Nana & Bird store on Chay Yan Street (there is  another pop up store on Seng Poh Lane). The store can be a bit tricky to find (well… maybe only for some people) – but here are a few photos of the entrance so you know what to look out for! We love the circular stair wells found throughout the area.

Now let’s explore inside the store! First stop: jewellery!

The colour crazy necklaces below are designed by Jennifer Loiselle Margot. The pink and orange tassel necklace at the bottom is sold out on so if you want it head down to Nana & Bird immediately! The collection is said to be inspired by the tropical climate, cowgirls and neon brights!

Punchy tassel earrings by Jennifer Loiselle Margot.

We seem to be finding the cutest rings in Singapore these days! Soon we’re not going to have enough fingers to wear them all!


Next stop: the clothes!

This dress is so adorable, and the collar can be detached for a totally different look. Grab a cute clutch and ballerina flats, put your hair up in a pony tail or messy bun and off you go!

How amazing is the knit dress below? The dress is knitted but it’s cool enough to handle Singapore! Natasha works the look with a metallic clutch and we love the necklace that goes with it (by Jennifer Loiselle).

Ok so there is divided opinion on the dress below – it seems that girls love it, guys (well ours anyway) think it’s too revealing, because of the side cut-outs.  Well, we STRONGLY disagree because it’s very clear that Carmen made this dress look so elegant! (by the way underneath the dress is a sheer gold fabric which admittedly does create quite a saucy look. At least people would look twice at you in this dress)

We love the birds on the shoulders. It’s so striking and just plain adorable. (we don’t recommend you to wear this to Jurong Bird Park, the other birds might get a bit jealous) Price: skirt SGD229

Here is the back of the outfit shown above. We really wanted to show you the back of the skirt – it’s just too cute!

The color combo of this dress below is divine! The drawstring waist is perfect because you can adjust it accordingly.

The dress below is one of our favourites – it’s so summery and you could get really creative with the accessories to create different looks. We think to play it safe you could add nude/white jewellery, or to play it up try adding chunky bright pink or even yellow accessories – why not?! Price: dress SGD379

And now onto bags!

We literally gasped when we saw this bag. The best part is that it’s on 20% discount! We love everything about it, it’s unique, authentic, the print is so eye-catching, and it can fit so much stuff, it’s light. Need we say more?

This reminds Natasha of the days her lovely Mama used to pack lunches for her during her stint in the States. This is brown paper lunch bag gone incredibly glamor because it’s made of leather! Prices: from SGD280 upwards

Nana & Bird

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