Cute gift ideas: Shopping in Ann Siang Hill, Singapore

What do you buy that fashionable friend who has everything?

If you need to buy something a little unique, quirky, colourful and/or just generally a bit different, try shopping at Kki + the little drom store, located in Ann Siang Hill.

Kki + the little drom store is a small shop & cafe with cute knick knacks!

Gift for the expat who thinks they know Singapore well…

Buy them the Singlish notebook! Every page has a Singlish word on it – and trust us, you won’t know all of them! This may seem a bit pricey but the book is high quality and a really nice gift idea! $39 SGD
A blank page followed by singlish sayings at the bottom – which are on every page! Very cute idea and you end up wanting to read every page.

For the vintage lover…

The store sells awesome tote bags that are unique and perfect as gifts. This one was a fave!

For those who like clever things…

This bag can either be used as a large tote, or folded over and used as a satchel (see below for satchel!). So easy, and they come in different colours (black, blue, orange!)
Satchel version of the above bag – clever!

For the yummy mummy:

For cute baby gifts, check out Wild Child on Club street, just around the corner from Kki!

As soon as you walk in, you feel like you’re in baby gift heaven! A very relaxing experience and everything is beautifully presented. Things here are priced a tad higher, but the quality is top notch here.
Love these soft toys with the baby animal pouches! The material is wonderfully soft – a perfect & cute gift! Price $40 each.

They also carry maternity wear (including golf, tennis and yoga attire!).


Kki + the little drom store
Address: 7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore
Opening hours: Everyday 11am to 9pm; except Thursday 11am to 7pm; & Saturday 11am to 4pm
Online store:

Wild Child
Address: 94 Club Street, Singapore
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Web site:


4 thoughts on “Cute gift ideas: Shopping in Ann Siang Hill, Singapore

  1. The shop owner at Wild Child is an absolute bitch. My wife and I walked into the shop looking for gifts, instead we got scolded for taking photos of items in the shop. Just because we didn’t look like expats/ we didn’t look wealthy, the shop owner scolded us without before even saying hi

  2. I was so put off by the service at this place! The lady was super rude and I wanted to buy things for my bub but she put me off completely. It’s a shame as I am on holiday from Australia and wanted to bring a few things back.

  3. Thank you for the write up on Kki and wild child! We’re holidaying from Australia and found the reviews helpful. We’ve visited both stores.
    Kki was absolutely brilliant, the place was well decked out and the service was excellent. The cakes were to die for. We had the Onigiri and a pink strawberry champagne one. Both were excellent.
    We sat outside and left forgetting to pay. The store manager came out running after us and politely reminded us that we had not paid. We apologised profusely and I went back to the counter red faced. Kudos to the store manager that handled the situation with grace and exemplary customer service. She asked how we found the cakes and we had a small conversation by the till.
    Wild child was a huge disappointment. Within 5 minutes of walking in, the store assistant/manager offered no greeting/help and made a few rude comments to us. When we went slightly deeper into the store, she went towards the door, picked up her cellphone and had a conversation loudly about wanting to close the store in the next 5 minutes in an irritated and impatient tone. That made us feel really unwelcome.
    My wife who is pregnant but not yet showing left feeling insulted. We did see a number of items we would have picked up if the service hadn’t been so disappointing. I’ve had some bad service here, but this tops it off.

    1. Wow we are quite surprised with the scolding comments on Wild Child. Neither Natasha or I have been in the store recently so it is hard for us to comment on it, but we will make a note and see how we are treated the next time we enter the store! Thanks for your feedback. Carmen

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