Going Gaga Over Flea and Trees!

There are so many trinkets that are displayed in a creative manner. Individually the items may look ordinary, but put together then voila! Each piece seems to complement each other.

We must admit it has taken us four years to finally get out of our comfort zone and branch out to the road less traveled. So with a comfortable pair of walking shoes, off we went to 68 Seng Poh Lane, in Tiong Bahru. Immediately as you drive/walk to the heart of Tiong Bahru (where the Tiong Bahru Market is located), you feel a sense of  excitement as you’re exposed to the hustle and bustle of the shops and food stalls. For once, Singapore actually feels like Asia, unlike the usual cosmopolitan that you can find elsewhere around the world.

A friend of ours strongly urged us to check out ‘Flea and Trees’, owned by a Singaporean couple with an awesome taste! So when we found it, we couldn’t contain our excitement to start browsing and snapping up photos of the goodies inside. This place is amazing! We felt like kids in a candy store with all the gorgeous colors of the wide array of jewelry, dresses, glasses, vintage Louboutins, and the list goes on. We have arrived in a vintage heaven! (Mind you most of their jewelry are new, but you do find interesting original vintage knick knacks there). Just about everything you see in the store is for sale, except for the cute Garfield look-alike lazy cat that curled up comfortably on a beautiful blue chair (see picture below).

So enough typing, here are some of the ridiculously gorgeous things we saw in ‘Flea and Trees’. note: even if you’re not an accessories person, we guarantee you will walk out with something, as the prices are very reasonable!

Let us draw your attention to the third shelf from the top. Check out that cute tea pot with two legs sticking out. How adorable is that! Rest assured that will get the conversation going if ever you decide to do a high-tea soiree with your girlfriends.

Who ever thought that candy colored skulls would look 1) less scary 2) not tacky. Don’t get us started with the necklace!
I spy with my little eye… a pair of vintage Loubs! They tried to camouflage it among the wooden surrounding, but a girl can spot Loubs with her eyes closed.

Can you imagine Liz Taylor wearing this jewelry ensemble? Or Audrey Hepburn even, in her LBD!
Cute! Enough said. Okay, VERY CUTE.
Refer to the photo caption above.
The big tree in front of this cute little shop is picture perfect.
Close-up of the gorgeous teapot.Come on, she’s even wearing red stilettos, it doesn’t get more adorable than this!
Garfield look alike. It was a lazy well-fed cat, but we decided to crop the tummy to be more respectful towards the cat.
Beautiful earrings, and affordable too!

Another vintage Loubs tucked away in a discreet corner of the shop. It has a very 40s look and feel about it.
Natasha couldn’t help but to take this necklace home with her. It was love at first sight. Price: SGD55

Flea and Trees
Address: Block 68, Seng Poh Lane Singapore 160068
Opening hours: Weekdays 6pm-10pm
Fri, Sat, Sun 10am-10pm
Closed on Mondays


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