Quirky accessories at The Blackground (Far East Plaza)

When you walk around Far East Plaza on Scott’s Road, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the maze of stores kitted to the nines with trendy clothes, accessories and everything in between… they all start to look the same after a while! Well one store in Far East Plaza really stood out for us, and it’s called the blackground (level 4, shop #04-117).

blackground at Far East Plaza

A group of local designers created the blackground to showcase their graphic design skills (the tote bags with their printed designs are the store’s best seller).

Gorgeous tote bags that come in a variety of designs. Prices: from SGD18-22.

Their jewellery typically comes from Thailand, and we didn’t see these designs in any of the other stores in Far East Plaza (or Singapore for that matter!).

The store owners are incredibly creative with their displays, to the point that it feels like you are looking at artwork rather than browsing through a store! A total delight!
More, more, and even more accessories! yay! If in need for a unique silver bracelet to spruce up your outfits, come here! We also love how the bracelet bowl looks like a lucky dip!
These bracelets are perfect for creating an edgy look – you could easily team them with a fitted knee length black dress and out you go! Price: SGD12 each
More bracelets – all incredibly affordable!
And just in case you’re addicted to bracelets, here are some more for you! One of Carmen’s faves is the black and red one (bottom right).
Necklaces displayed on framed cork boards – how clever! Prices from SGD14

Ok, now we must admit we are OBSESSED with the bags they have in the store! They look wonderfully vintage, and we think everyone would be asking you where you bought them from (we LOVE them!).

These bags are actually one of our favourite items in the store. We tried to act cool and not drool too much over these…
These bags are sooooo Nicki Minaj! Bring on the neon colour, we just can’t get enough of it! Love every single colour!
Are you a British expat who misses the UK? Carmen misses the UK too after 3.5 years there, but now knows where to go to buy British themed set of playing cards – how cool is that?! Price for the cards: SGD9.90
Not sure where to store all the new jewellery you’ve purchased since reading our blog? Check out these wooden boxes – problem solved! Price SGD15 each.
More designs are available for the tote bags! This is just a few of them – they even have a British flag bag for those pommy expats! We also like the mustache bag – so quirky!

We love how Singapore is really evolving and the fashion scene is improving by the day. Finding these talented, emerging Singaporean designers really makes our day and we hope it helps to create a more enjoyable and unique shopping experience for all our readers too!

So next time you are at Far East Plaza, do stop by the blackground!

the blackground
Address: Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road (Level 4, shop #04-117)
Opening hours: Daily from 10am-10pm


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