Some of the clothes we like in ZARA

This tweed top is simply gorgeous with jeans! Natasha had trouble putting it back on the shelf. It was a sad departure indeed, but it had to be done. Price: SGD89

There are days where we cannot resist walking by ZARA without going in to ‘just have a browse’. Today is definitely one of those days. The dark and gloomy winter collection on the display admittedly is not as enticing as this year’s spring collection, nevertheless we decided to go in anyway. We must say that we really like some of the things in there (although we were quite perplexed by the army combat collection!?!). The peplum trend is obviously here to stay through winter, lace and leather are the other trends that stand out. Whoever invented the peplum is a pure genius, although some men find them weird and think they look like a ‘tutu’ (WE OBJECT!).

We see a few gorgeous pairs of shoes, but decided to behave and leave them on the shelf for now before the urge to walk to the cash register and buy them takes over. So for those of you who are thinking of going to ZARA this weekend (or your lunch break), here are some of the things you can look out for!

A wide belt to cinch your waist would look great with this dress. Stick to a pearl necklace for a subdued look, or go with color if you’re feeling adventurous. Oh, we advise you not to eat the whole day if you decide to buy this dress, to avoid the risk of spilling/dropping anything on this beautiful white dress. *note: don’t say we didn’t warn you! Price: SGD129
More peplum! This wonderfully classic skirt is made more sophisticated and unique by the asymmetrical peplum detail (let’s see how many times the word ‘peplum’ is repeated in this post). Pair it with a silk shirt or with this gorgeous top! Price: Top SGD89, Skirt SGD 89
We are totally loving this top! It has a vintage feel to it. You can wear it like this or semi-tuck it in to show your thin belt. The jeans is oh so comfortable.
The return of the word ‘peplum’! Obviously this is the same skirt as the one above, but we want to show you how awesome it looks with a white top. The embellishment around the collar really makes the difference to the otherwise quite plain ensemble. Slick your hair to a neat/messy bun, and put on a pair of gorgeous vintage pair of earrings.

So there you go our lovely readers, just to show you a few of our favorite things in ZARA at the moment.We could have easily been there for two hours!!


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