W Boutique fair: Spotlight on Peachy!

Peachy is a brand that has travelled the world to source accessory collections from emerging designers in Europe, Scandinavia and Australia and bring them to your doorstep in Singapore!

As soon as we stumbled on their stall at the W boutique fair we knew there was something special about Peachy. Let’s face it, when you see shoes made in Italy, jewellery made in Madrid and bags made in Australia, you can’t help but think “that’s so handy…and how exciting!” All the accessories are hand-crafted using high quality materials, so you know it’s not going to fall apart after one season!

So let’s have a look at our favourite designers stocked by Peachy (if you are interested in any of the below, Peachy’s details are listed at the end of this post!)

Jewellery from Madrid: by Anton Heunis

Who else are fans besides us? Oh just Nicole Ritchie, Natalie Portman and Elizabeth Jagger to name a few!

Ok so we really love the “bling to the max”  necklace on the left. Why? Check out how amazing it looks on the model below! What a statement – usually we are opposed to looking like chandeliers but we really think this works. Prices: Necklace is SGD235, bracelet SGD197 and ring SGD117.

These clip-on earrings below would really pop with a structured black dress and are a perfect way to instantly transform your corporate look into “glam” look. They are a bit on the pricey side, but this is because they are handcrafted in Madrid using grey agate, hand-cut glass and crystal detail. Price: SGD342

This new mosaic bangle by Anton Heunis below is made from brass with crystals and hand cut glass in a mosaic design. Price: SGD200

And check out the cluster ring by Anton Heunis below – with turquoise stones, purple, green and grey crystals. Price: SGD132

Bright eyes owl pendants by Peachy Designs

These are SO CUTE! They are handcrafted in Bali and made out of resin, and if you were crying because the prices of the above jewellery range were way out of your budget, then you will be happy to know these are only SGD31 each! The necklace itself is beaded using semi-precious stones (either genuine turquoise – which FYI is Carmen’s and all other Sagittarians birthstones… or cherry quartz).

cyclical industry rings and bracelets

Who would have ever thought of wearing square and hexagonal rings? We love these and you can easily combine different colours together! We also rate the simplicity of the bracelets made using neon silk thread and are fully adjustable to fit any wrist size! Prices: rings SGD21, bracelets SGD23

Jewellery by Anne Black (Danish designer)

Anne Black is educated as a ceramicist and based in Copenhagen. Her jewellery collection is created just outside of Hanoi, Vietnam. These necklaces below are hand crafted using porcelain and silk thread. Each petal design is different! Price: SGD39

Sandals by Simona (from Sicily, Italy)

Ok so Natasha just came back from a trip to Italy and can’t believe that you can get these so easily in Singapore! Simona and her husband come from a family of shoemakers in Sicily… their family has over 50 years in the shoemaking industry! So it is safe to assume these guys know what they are doing, and it shoes. The sandals are very comfortable, with the most popular colours being silver and gold. The shoes are handmade in Sicily using 100% Italian leather, and both styles shown are priced at SG140. We think this is excellent value for money given the quality of the workmanship and materials used – these are sure to last!

And the most awesome point of all…

if you have a larger shoe size that is unavailable (expat ladies, we know some of you out there struggle with this!)… they will custom make the sandal for you at no extra cost!

Sorry but we thought that point deserved larger text…

Wallets by status anxiety

Made from soft Italian leather, these wallets would make perfect gifts and are available in Singapore friendly colours! We just love colour on this island!
Price: SGD90

Ever looked for a clever wallet with a detachable zip-up coin purse? So clever – you can pop it into your smaller clutch and away you go! See below – they are created using soft leather and available in red, tan brown and black. Price: SGD115

Envelope clutches by Som & Tooby

Som & Tooby are based in Burleigh Heads, Australia, and the designer behind the brand, Brooke West, creates each bag by hand in their studio! Each bag uses quality local materials and Australian leathers, so you know you are getting what you paid for. Price: Envelope clutch (below) is SGD120

And now for the details…


You can either shop online or visit their showroom in Singapore. Should you wish to visit the showroom, please call before you visit (details below!)

Shop online at: www.peachyshop.com
Singapore showroom is located at: 320 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, Block B #01-36, Singapore 247980. Please call on +65 9850 6780 to make an appointment prior to your visit.

We got to admit, we are now major Peachy fans!


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