Tiong Bahru Adventure: Nana & Bird

We simply could not get enough of Tiong Bahru,  the day we fell in love with ‘Flea and Trees’  was when we decided to conquer the area one cute little shop at a time. Our instinct has proven to be more accurate than our sense of direction, and it certainly did not fail us this time when we stumbled upon Nana & Bird.

When we stepped into the shop, we were ooh-ing and aah-ing as we gaze at all the cute items around us! After gaining our composure, we decided to ‘get to work’ and try on all the cute things we could possibly find (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!).

Carmen and Natasha proudly present you: Nana & Bird!

We stopped in our tracks and fussed about how clever the signage is (above). LOVE IT!

Just to clarify, we visited the “flagship” Nana & Bird store on Chay Yan Street (there is  another pop up store on Seng Poh Lane). The store can be a bit tricky to find (well… maybe only for some people) – but here are a few photos of the entrance so you know what to look out for! We love the circular stair wells found throughout the area.

Now let’s explore inside the store! First stop: jewellery!

The colour crazy necklaces below are designed by Jennifer Loiselle Margot. The pink and orange tassel necklace at the bottom is sold out on polyvore.com so if you want it head down to Nana & Bird immediately! The collection is said to be inspired by the tropical climate, cowgirls and neon brights!

Punchy tassel earrings by Jennifer Loiselle Margot.

We seem to be finding the cutest rings in Singapore these days! Soon we’re not going to have enough fingers to wear them all!


Next stop: the clothes!

This dress is so adorable, and the collar can be detached for a totally different look. Grab a cute clutch and ballerina flats, put your hair up in a pony tail or messy bun and off you go!

How amazing is the knit dress below? The dress is knitted but it’s cool enough to handle Singapore! Natasha works the look with a metallic clutch and we love the necklace that goes with it (by Jennifer Loiselle).

Ok so there is divided opinion on the dress below – it seems that girls love it, guys (well ours anyway) think it’s too revealing, because of the side cut-outs.  Well, we STRONGLY disagree because it’s very clear that Carmen made this dress look so elegant! (by the way underneath the dress is a sheer gold fabric which admittedly does create quite a saucy look. At least people would look twice at you in this dress)

We love the birds on the shoulders. It’s so striking and just plain adorable. (we don’t recommend you to wear this to Jurong Bird Park, the other birds might get a bit jealous) Price: skirt SGD229

Here is the back of the outfit shown above. We really wanted to show you the back of the skirt – it’s just too cute!

The color combo of this dress below is divine! The drawstring waist is perfect because you can adjust it accordingly.

The dress below is one of our favourites – it’s so summery and you could get really creative with the accessories to create different looks. We think to play it safe you could add nude/white jewellery, or to play it up try adding chunky bright pink or even yellow accessories – why not?! Price: dress SGD379

And now onto bags!

We literally gasped when we saw this bag. The best part is that it’s on 20% discount! We love everything about it, it’s unique, authentic, the print is so eye-catching, and it can fit so much stuff, it’s light. Need we say more?

This reminds Natasha of the days her lovely Mama used to pack lunches for her during her stint in the States. This is brown paper lunch bag gone incredibly glamor because it’s made of leather! Prices: from SGD280 upwards

Nana & Bird

Address: 79 Chay Yan St  Tiong Bahru Commons #01-02, Singapore 160079
Phone:9117 0430

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


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