No strange things at Strangelets, Tiong Bahru

If you haven’t heard of Strangelets yet, then think kitsch, anti-commercial, quirky designer wares and that pretty much sums up the shop. A very cool place to visit if you are just getting a bit sick of the big malls! Side note… bring your credit card… you’ll need it here!

Strangelets used to be located at Amoy Street but has moved to Tiong Bahru (all details at end of this post). There are four owners, two of them are Singaporean and two are foreigners (South African and German). These different backgrounds add to the the eclecticism felt throughout the store.

Paper balloons – the decor is magical!

Still not sure what exactly is in the Strangelets shop? Luckily we are hard working bloggers and have taken pictures for you! Check it out…

Colourful artisan bracelets by Carrie K, these are handmade in Florence. The brand won ELLE’s designer of the year in 2010. Price: SGD98 each

Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve, just wear Love on your neck instead! Necklaces also by Carrie K. Price: SGD148

Very sweet little thank you cards – perfect to have in the drawer so you can send out when required!

Creative little notebooks… the first one on the left says: “I am not weird I am unique”. That’s our favourite one.

Colourful homewares! Yes these will cost you a bomb but at the same time, if you’ve ever walked into any major department store here, you’ll know that quality homewares and steep prices go hand in hand… At least these are quirky!

For cheap crockery we would recommend Temple Street in Chinatown. But when you want something a bit different, check out Strangelets collection!

Just another example of the very cool homewares you can purchase at Strangelets! Imagine a bunch of white hydrangeas in the middle pot – how amazing would that look?!

Two of the owners at Strangelets have had babies, and therefore you see they are expanding their kids section – check out how cute this shoe below is!


Address: 7 Yong Siak Street  168644
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm


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