More on Haji Lane: Going Green at Salad Shop

As we continued to walk under Singapore’s scorching sun and what felt like a 100% humidity, we found Salad Shop, nestled towards the end of Haji Lane. The name caught our attention, so we decided to step inside to satisfy our curiosity.

The first thing we noticed was the wonderful scent in the shop, which immediately will put anyone at ease. The second thing we noticed was the shop’s adorable decor, it really feels like being in a sale bowl; the shop has a colorful mix of bits and pieces – all deemed worthy of being ‘eye candy’!

At a glance, the first part of the shop has a ‘Jones the Grocer’ feel to it, the concrete floor and the stacked shelves again the wall. The plants make it look like a very upscale nursery! For all of you who are interior design aficionados, this shop  will definitely inspire you.

Do you have an empty glass jar sitting in the corner of the drawer wasting space? Turn it into a mini flower jar. Natasha secretly has a couple of those.

We totally love the cutlery hanger, perfect to hang your colorful apron and oven mitts in style.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we discovered a staircase leading us to the second floor! It is filled with home decor goodies such as cutlery, glassware, vase, you name it they got it – and of course more clothes and accessories.

The necklaces are very dainty and delicate. The quality is superb!  And we are loving the way they’re displayed.

Message in the bottle? Great idea for home decor. We were so inspired and started to think that maybe it’s time to renovate the apartment. Hm…..

This little corner is picture perfect! We need not say more.

We LOVE the orange top and botanic-looking skirt ensemble! The bright orange is so striking against the toned down graphic green pencil skirt. Wear it with wedges or flats or stripy sandals or pumps (see how versatile the outfit is?).

How gorgeous are the necklaces?!! We want them in every color.

If you plan to visit Salad Shop, here are the details:

27 Haji Lane  Singapore 189218
6299 5808


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