Clothes from Salad Shop, Haji Lane

Here are some of the clothes at Salad shop – there seems to be quite a botanical theme here!!

Awesome floral top in MUSTARD. Still can’t get enough of this colour! Priced at SGD79.

Simple white dress and the fabric felt great… priced at SGD139

Love this botanical skirt! Very comfy and stretchy, and looks more expensive then it is (can a girl ask for more from fashion?!). Priced at SGD89

We like the animal print on this top below, mainly because the print is a bit more subtle, with hints of teal and pink running through the top. We would recommend chunky accessories to go with it however for the younger ladies, to stop it looking too auntie-ish! Price: SGD69

In Singapore we must admit we need a huge stock of dresses like the ones below (which reminds us of tree trunks!)…flowy enough for your skin to breathe in this crazy hot place, but with a bit of shape so you don’t look like a potato sack. Yes please. And you can change it up a bit just be wearing a different colour belt – we like the idea of wearing a white belt one day, and neon yellow the next for this dress!  Priced at SGD89

Cute little pattern, a Jurong bird park dress perhaps! Priced at SGD139


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