Shopping in Bangkok! Part 1 – The Shops!

Yes Carmen and Natasha are going international!! Well ok, a 2.5 hour plane ride to Bangkok, but still we thought our readers would appreciate the gesture.

So here are some of the best shops and stores that we absolutely adore in Bangkok baby!


An upmarket shopping mall in Bangkok, think Paragon in Singapore but ten times better! Why? Well just look at the pictures below – the mall is stunning!

We adore this store display below, not to mention the clothes. This is the storefront for JASPAL – a brand started in Thailand and offers high fashion ready to wear pieces at affordable prices. We highly recommend a visit, even if it is just to stare at their gorgeous displays!

SIAM CENTER (pop up stores available for limited time only)

Ok so Siam Center itself is closed for renovations until December this year, but they have pop up stores mainly between Siam Discovery mall and Siam Paragon – check out how creative the store displays are below!

Check out this die necklace below – super cute! Available at the Siam Centre pop up store in Siam Paragon.


Opposite the Siam Center, you can check out Siam Square, which has loads of little individual shops on street lanes. These aren’t as cheap as the markets, but you can still find some gems here, and they are reasonably priced for independent designer prices (you’re looking at 1000THB and upwards mostly. which is 40SGD and up).

Love the cute little dress in the below right corner, not sure about the matching hat (that may be enough to get you on the worst dressed list)…

Again, the headwear is not advisable below, but we do love the decor and who doesn’t love a bit of houndstooth?!


This mall is a haven for younger designers and we love the quirky space at the top of the mall where the movies are – very artsy! This mall is where you will find loads of university students snapping up clothes and accessories!

One level in Union Mall is entirely devoted to young designers! We love that! It’s always fun to support local talent and  browse through their unique designs!


Woah this market is not only the biggest outdoor market in the world, it is also the HOTTEST. And we mean H.O.T. There are loads of people around and it’s easy to get lost. We recommend sticking to section 3, which is where all the young, funky designers are (there is a huge difference between this section and the other sections in the market, in our humble opinion), and then finish the day with a foot massage (you’ll need one) and a cold shower!

Below was one of the awesome shops in section 3 of the market – but note we found out later that a lot of these stores also have outlets in air-conditioned malls as well! So if you can’t handle sweating buckets at this outdoor market then just head to Terminal 21 Mall and Union Mall instead!


One of the coolest malls ever, also one of the tackiest but it is done so well that you can’t help but smile at the concept! Terminal 21 is based on arriving at an airport, where the information staff are even dressed as airline crew! Each floor is dedicated to a different country/city, so you have Greece, Paris, London, Tokyo and San Fran all in the one mall. There are also a lot of different stores here so it is worthwhile stopping by!

Seriously, a double decker London bus in the middle of a mall in Bangkok! What next?!

When eating ramen or sushi just doesn’t give you enough of a Japanese fix, head to the Tokyo level! They even have massive sumo wrestler statues!

LOVE this shirt below! Perfect for the office. 


We also rate Platinum Mall if you are looking for wholesale bargains (but note, this is for the die hard shopper, not for the delicate!).

In part 2 of Bangkok, we will show you what Carmen purchased!


Tell us what you think!

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