Inspiration: 1 item 2 ways

The rainy season has officially begun in Singapore! So to avoid from getting struck by lightning while shop hunting for our blog, we decided to play it safe and    look into our own wardrobe for inspiration. Natasha had a ‘eureka!’ moment while momentarily spacing out in the lift of her apartment and decided to do an inspiration piece on how one clothing item can be worn two ways; to the office and to… well anywhere else!

Clothing item #1: The versatile black and white blazer

This newest purchase came from Mango, and worn by the ever-so-hot Kate Moss in the ad campaign. Whilst passing by the shop window, Natasha did a double take and the rest was history. It can be yours for SGD99! Show off this blazer to work by pairing it with a pencil skirt, and for a pop of color, throw on a bright colored camisole. Keep it classy with black pumps and tote bag.

Still want to show off your blazer? Take it out to an after-work drinks with your colleagues and girlfriends by replacing the pencil skirt with skinny jeans and ditch the tote bag! Replace it with a clutch and add on a belt to make it look more edgy. P.S. We recommend killer heels with this outfit. The taller, the better!

Clothing item #2: The multicolor silk dress

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a situation where you just bought a gorgeous dress (admittedly not as cheap as you want it to be) and to justify yourself, this is pretty much your train of thought when you saw the dress “It’s not cheap, but it’s an investment piece that can be work casually, formally so it’s definitely worth it!”. Well, here’s an example of one of those purchases. Take it to work by adding a blazer and tone it down with a pair of neutral pumps and matching bag.

Bring the dress down a notch for those lazy weekend days where you want to take an easy stroll and go window shopping. Pair it with flats and add a belt to cinch the waist.

Clothing item #3: The A-Line print dress

This dress was snatched up at one of the random shops at Far East Shopping Center on Scotts Road. The print really stood out and the dress was begging to be bought and given a new home. After a split-second thought that practically didn’t require much consideration, Natasha bought this gorgeous dress. For a casual look, wear it with wedges to accentuate the A-Line shape.

And to transform it into an office attire? Easy! Pair it with classic pumps and tote bag. Voila!

Clothing item #4: The peplum top

We are loving this shade of green, which apparently has a name “Hunter Green”. We just like to call it “that shade of green I like in the current season”. Wear it to work with a black lace pencil skirt and black pumps with matching tote bag.

Want to wear it during the weekend? Match it white shorts and funky heels with a statement bag (or a clutch will do) and off you go!

So there you go, our lovely readers. A bit of inspiration that doesn’t require too much thinking. Look out for more of our inspiration write-ups – there will be many many rainy days coming our way, but that will not stop Carmen and Natasha from blogging!


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