New Victoria’s Secret store in Ion, Singapore: Is it worth the visit?

We must admit, we were really excited when we first heard Victoria’s Secret was setting up shop in Singapore, with the first store opening in Sentosa in 2010. But after visiting that store a few years back we were left feeling bitterly disappointed – there were NO BRAS, a dismal selection of panties and even worse, the majority of the store was stocked with fragrances and in house bath gels that, well let’s face it, no-one really is that interested in purchasing!

Did we mention they sold NO BRAS in one most famous lingerie brands in the world? sigh.

But then, a glimmer of hope, with the announcement that they were setting up a SECOND store in Ion, Singapore (which just opened yesterday). Not only was this location more convenient, we thought, but this second store MUST have more range to offer then the Sentosa branch! They MUST have learned from their first Singapore store that women really wanted to buy lingerie at Victoria’s Secret, not shower gel….right? Oh how wrong we were.

Today we visited the Ion store with high expectations (pic above), only to be disappointed again. As you can see from the above, tt’s pretty much exactly the same as the Sentosa branch, with some undies available (must admit, we weren’t going crazy over most of the ones available)… but again, NO BRAS! For those who love the beauty products sold in Victoria’s Secret (we are yet to meet people who like these more than the lingerie….), well you’d be in heaven. Three quarters of the store are (yet again) dedicated to such wares, and we can’t help but think (yet again…) – what a waste!

Here are some of the panties that are available for sale (to give you an idea of pricing, they were offering 3 “glamour” panties for SGD45).

It’s still a mystery to us as to why their bras are not sold in Singapore – if anyone can shed some light on this feel free to comment below! We’d love to know! Otherwise, we’re going to put it out there to Victoria’s Secret…. if you are going to set up shop here and get thousands of ladies excited (and let’s face it, probably the men also), then PLEASE bring the stuff that you are famous for! And by this we don’t mean bringing over Miranda Kerr wearing gigantic angel wings, although we know quite  a few men who would not object!

Anyway enough said on the subject, we just had to get that off our *ahem* chests**!

** please excuse the awful sense of humour here, but we just couldn’t help ourselves.


15 thoughts on “New Victoria’s Secret store in Ion, Singapore: Is it worth the visit?

  1. I can feel the disappointment even when I am not Singaporean!
    I will visit Singapore on New Year Eve, and new VS store open in ION is one of the highlight of this trip. I’m totally upset to know that my hope to try on a VS bra before paying is just a dream. Can’t believe they treat Asian ladies like this.
    Have you say a word to VS? Did they respond?

  2. Just to let our readers know, we have emailed VS corporate office with the million dollar question…. why are there no VS bras sold in Singapore? We’re awaiting a response so we will let you know if we hear anything!

  3. Hi, I guess American version of size differ from Singapore type.
    For example, bra size 34B in US is not the same as Singapore version of 34B. Many people who order VS bras thru online, complain that they don’t fit in , although the tags of VS bra show correct sizes.
    I had went to VS store at Orchard. I looked around, and was attended by pretty VS staff. I told her I wish to buy VS bra for Valentine Day gift for my gal friend. She told me regretfully that VS stores here don’t sell bras. I told her that many gals like to buy VS bras here rather than order online and found them uncomfortable. She nodded in agreement.

    Here is the VS singapore official facebook :
    You and other ladies can demanded that VS stores here sells bras.

    1. Hi Alvin,

      Thanks for the comment! We have actually tried contacting Victoria Secrets head offices several times to try and get them to sell the bras here, but so far they haven’t given us a reasonable explanation as to why they aren’t sold here…

      We’ll keep trying to push for it – agree that many ladies (and their partners) would really appreciate if they sold the bras here!

  4. Hi! Just to let everyone knows that Victoria’s Secret Singapore is a different concept store. VS is a brand that has alot of other range like PINK, accessories & perfumes. So instead of carrying the VS store which consist bras lingerie pajamas ( like La Senza ) singapore instroduce us VSBA which means Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories. i wondered why they have panties too! their reason was that since its the signature of VS, instead of bras, they bring in panties only!

    what a waste!

  5. Hi!
    So thankful I found this post; I thought I was the only disappointed one that VS Singapore does not sell bras. Do you guys know why they don’t sell the full range of make up or swim wear?
    It’s so disappointing to walk into their stores expecting the full range of eyeshadows, concealer and lipsticks they’re always promoting with the Angles in their Youtube videos but … we only find … lip gloss.

  6. its the beauty and fragrances store! i guess the information to the consumers did not get spread out properly! however, with one or two of these opened its a sure sign that VS as a whole with PINK is thinking about going over to singapore. at least that’s what happened in vancouver! haha

    1. oh! and i forgot to add!
      if you check the vs website, you can actually see that there’s a limited amount of locations that vs has all around the world. don’t fret! singapore is now probably under consideration for sure! depending on sales and marketing compared to other places around the world.

  7. Yeah, I’ve had the same disappointment when discovering that the VS at Schiphol Airport (the Netherlands) don’t have bras either.

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