Baby Phat in Singapore

First up, apologies to our loyal C & N readers, we know it’s been a week since our previous blog post. We were feeling a bit flat and uninspired…. until we walked past the new Baby Phat store in Vivocity which we had not seen before!

Baby Phat is an American urban fashion line that was co-created by the “fabulous”  Kimora Lee Simmons. If you have seen the TV show “Kimora: Life in the fab lane” which airs on the Style Network here in Singapore, then you would have heard of the brand.

Unfortunately Kimora was unceremoniously “booted out” of Baby Phat in 2010 (the locks to the doors were apparently changed… ouch!) and customers in the US have stated that the brand is just not the same anymore without her.

Before you feel sorry for Kimora, you should know that she still runs KLS and Kouture by Kimora brands and is doing just fine.

So now you have the background, now check out our verdict on the new Baby Phat store in Singapore! We went to the one in Vivocity.

All the clothes are neatly organised and there is a lot of colour co-ordination going on in store, but we couldn’t help but notice it was SUPER quiet inside.  Hmm either people don’t know about the new store, or it’s not proving too popular yet.

The store itself looks too pretty to be considered a “grungy” brand, but if you are looking for urban fashion at high street-ish prices and without the crowds, then this may be the place for you!

Personally we were a bit confused with the brand, as there were flowy maxi dresses floating around. Is that considered urban? We weren’t sure. Just for the record we have nothing against flowy maxi dresses (in fact we love them), but Baby Phat was one of the last places we would have thought to buy such a thing!

Anyway we decided to try on some of the clothes, to give you an idea of what they look off the racks. We came to the conclusion that a lot of the clothes look better on the hangar, then on us (but hey, maybe we need a bigger booty and a diva attitude to pull off some of these looks!). “Oh no you didannt!”

Ok we admit it…these jeans are AWESOME! They are made out of a really stretchy material so they are super comfy (almost felt like leggings!) and the belt is included. This was our favourite item in the whole store. Carmen felt pretty urban in them. Priced at SGD119, we think that’s pretty reasonable for a pair of jeans.

We were NOT a fan of the above batwing top. We understand that some people may like it, but it just wasn’t for us. The top is cut quite large, so one of the sleeves constantly falls off one shoulder. Yes it was slouchy and urban, but we couldn’t wait to get it off. This was one of those items we thought looked better on the rack.

Again, not a fan of the above, it looked better on the rack. If it was a shorter version, like say a vest, without the peacock feathers included on the ties, then we think we would have loved it. This was on sale at SGD83.

Cute racerback top, which we think would have paired nicely with the jeans above! They had this design in different colours.

So that was our Baby Phat experience. There were a few other items we tried on that (again) looked better on the racks then on us. The quality of the clothes were higher than Forever 21 or H&M however, so if you are wandering around Vivocity aimlessly we would recommend dropping by!


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