Bangkok shopping part 3 – the clothes!

Ok so Carmen did go a little crazy in Bangkok. Here are some of the clothes she bought, and details of where to find them!

Blue pleated silk top from Union Mall. Cost: SGD10. Available in all different colours and we love that you can either wear with a belt or tuck into a skirt! Either way looks chic!

Navy print top from Platinum Mall, from a store called Precious. Price: SGD10

Another top from the same store, Precious at Platinum Mall. These are cute little tops that you can wear casual with shorts (as below), or wear tucked into a skirt or trousers for a more tailored look. Price: SGD10 (in case you sense a theme here, yes, every top Carmen bought seemed to be priced at SGD10…)

Another silk top bought from the same Union mall store as mentioned above – Carmen loved the hot pink buttons which stood out! The front is just plain. Price: SGD10…

This printed tank below was bought at Chatuchak market from a store in Section 3 called “Masque & 17:09”. If you can’t handle the heat of Chatuchak, then note Carmen also spotted the same store in the air-condiioned Terminal 21 store. Price was SGD10 at the market.

Ok Carmen is a bit obsessed with the bird skirt below. After falling in love with the Nana and Bird skirt tried on in an earlier post (see here) – Carmen saw this cheap version and had to buy it! Bought at a shop on the first floor of Union Mall (if you are entering the mall from the train station, the shop is further down on the left). Price of skirt: SGD20. The top was also bought in Bangkok, and is actually the white version of the blue top with pink buttons above. The buttons at the back are white however, and we love it! Top priced at SGD10.

This top below was bought at a shop in Section 3 of Chatuchak market. It’s super cute, we love teaming it up with some dainty jewellery. Price: SGD10

And here is a closeup of the print (it’s just too cute!)

Ok this is Carmen’s favourite piece… The red skirt! The quality is really high, and amazingly it is made using just one piece of fabric – so there are no seams all around the skirt! Found in Section 3 of Chatuchak market. They also had this skirt available in black and grey (yes…. Carmen bought all 3…!). Priced at SGD35, this was one of the most “expensive” items bought in Bangkok, however the quality was the highest seen during the whole trip!

And yes, no shoes in the shoot. Sometimes it’s just nice to walk around barefoot, this skirt certainly makes you feel more playful!


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