Pandas in Singapore…

Ok so we know it isn’t “fashion”… but Carmen was lucky enough to score a preview of the two pandas (Kai Kai and Jia Jia) who have recently arrived in Singapore from Chengdu, and seriously… who doesn’t love pandas?? So we just had to show our readers a few pics!

Think of it as simply more “black and white” inspiration….and we have included some panda inspired accessories at the bottom of the post!

The pandas now reside at the River Safari (within the Singapore zoo) and will be open to the public in December.

Here is Kai Kai (the male panda) – the whole time he pretty much moped around and liked to show his bottom a lot! Very cute – he looks quite small here but as soon as he starts walking around it is like he expands twice in size – he has a very elongated body!

And here is the “diva-esque” Jia Jia – she likes to put on a show and was very entertaining to watch! She was such a little poser!

And here is Carmen with Jia Jia in the background!

They keep the pandas in separate enclosures for breeding purposes, but both enclosures link up via tunnels. It’s amazing how close you feel to the pandas – it’s an open air enclosure so there is no glass between you and the animals! It’s also air-conditioned inside (I guess the pandas couldn’t handle Singapore humidity) so it’s all very pleasant.

And here is a red panda which was also hanging out in the enclosure (reminds us of Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda!)

And here are some panda- inspired accessories! Click on the image for further details.




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