Spotlight on The Editor’s Market Avenue at Orchard Central

The first time Carmen and Natasha walked into Orchard Central Mall on Orchard Road, Singapore’s famous fashion address, we immediately felt … lost. It’s as if the mall was designed to make people feel like they’re walking in a maze. That didn’t deter two determined fashion bloggers as we used our sense of direction (or lack thereof) to navigate our way through a sea of shops. Things were definitely looking up when we found Dean and Deluca cafe on fourth floor (nothing delights us more than a cute little cafe or restaurant and the smell of coffee permeating the air). We were even more delighted to spot an interesting looking shop called The Editor’s Market Avenue. With the shutters still half closed, we gathered our courage to trespass. All in the name of blogging of course! It wasn’t long until we saw a nice shop keeper who let us take a few photos and try on the clothes.  We were gobsmacked to see how huge the shop is inside!

We love the raw, warehouse look and feel of the shop. The concrete floor, the bare piping, exposed down light, for a few minutes Carmen and Natasha commented on the decor as if they were interior design experts.

After we gained our composure, we wasted no time in snapping the cute fashion items that were calling our name. House of Harlow jewelry immediately grabbed our attention. The simple, yet vintage design had Nicole Richie’s boho stamp all over it. Love it!

We then spotted a cute pair of earrings, which Natasha particularly liked – check out the little gun on it – how adorable!!

These gorgeous pieces are designed by a Singapore-based designer, Ade G. This is what we liked about the shop, it features a lot of Singapore’s designer and the clothes are VERY AFFORDABLE. We repeat, VERY AFFORDABLE.  They have an interesting concept called step pricing system which offers different price when you buy 1, 3, 6 and 15 pieces of clothes, so the more you buy the cheaper the clothes get. How clever!

The shop features a few quirky designs, such as the Twins shoes below- which are for the fashionably aware and socially conscious. The proceeds of every pair purchased goes to a child in need!

The shop has something for the boys as well. So ladies, when you’ve been shopping too much for yourself and feel tad bit guilty because you haven’t bought anything for your other half, then take a peep at the men’s extensive collection.

Natasha particularly loves this corner of the shop. The ladder, the neon light, and the color of the clothes hanging on the left – it just somehow works (even the interesting looking legging adds a nice touch to the whole design).

The t-shirt above brings us back to the student days when we worked countless hours on that darn essay assignment (okay maybe it’s because we left it a little too late!). This t-shirt is versatile, because it can also be worn by the new mothers out there. Wear this t-shirt when you go out with your little bub and we guarantee you will get sympathetic looks from others.

Boy, do we wish we could pull this look. Very Miley Cyrus, don’t you think (well, Miley post her cutesy Hannah Montana phase that is!). You can definitely picture her wearing this with a pair of Doc Martens!

We totally love this ensemble below, which is actually made up of two different pieces – a skirt and a top. The scallop detailing is totally adorable!

Price: Top SGD35, Skirt SGD39

Price: Peplum dress SGD39, necklace SGD89

Price: Shirt SGD35, skirt SGD39

Monochrome always works and it’s timeless! This only thing missing with this black and white combo is a pair of red stilettos, or a pair of peep-toe shoes. Price: Top: SGD39, leggings SGD29.

Knit oversized cardigan SGD79

We totally love the black and white legging above, as well as the sleeveless black top. Throw on a knit jumper if the weather gets a bit cooler (which is probably never in Singapore!). Price: Top SGD39, leggings SGD29

Okay so at first we weren’t too sure about the metallic, but we decided to try it on anyway. We think the top, combined with the orange denim works! Plus the cute necklace to break away the shine of the metallic top. Price: Top SGD89, Necklace SGD119

The Editor’s Market Avenue:




7 thoughts on “Spotlight on The Editor’s Market Avenue at Orchard Central

  1. You guys need to break this up into a bunch of posts there are so many awesome things to look at! I love, love that outfit, black top hounds tooth skirt, actually all of them are great!

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