Local Singapore designers at the PARCO next NEXT event

One week ago Carmen attended the Parco next NEXT Phenomena event. Did that just sound like a whole lot of jumbled words put together? Let us explain.

PARCO is a company that owns shopping malls across Asia (just in case you had never heard of them).

“PARCO next NEXT” is a fashion design incubator project run by Parco with a mission of nurturing promising Singaporean local designers.
The event was held at Parco Marina Bay mall, which is actually located at Millenia Walk near Promenade MRT station, not Marina Bay itself…. thankfully Carmen checked up the details before heading to the event (otherwise it would have been a night hanging out at the casino instead!)…

Firstly before we even begin, Carmen accidentally took the wrong escalator in Parco mall and ended up skipping the floor the actual event was held at, BUT did manage to get some great photo shots because of the mistake! See below…

parco1Really love what the model on the right is wearing below – it looks like a perfect outfit for a date or even a night out with the girlfriends!

parco2The catwalk was good fun to watch but admittedly the models (with their amazonian legs) walked way too fast for our liking! A girl needs a bit of time to appreciate the outfits dammit! Anyway here are some of the photos we managed to take whilst the walked at the speed of light…

parco10We really like the outfit pictured above and below by MASH UP, although we must admit we would probably (no wait, definitely) add some black leggings to this and wear more suitable shoes that would enable us to walk properly…

parco5Ok so no disrespect to the designer, as we all have our own individual tastes when it comes to fashion, but neither Natasha or Carmen could picture walking down Orchard Road in the below outfit. Kudos to the person who would have the balls to wear a gigantic Minnie Mouse ensemble in public.


Love these two outfits below, they are really quirky and think the colour combinations really work. parco22parco8

It was the first time we had actually visited Parco Marina Bay mall, and must admit the section dedicated to local designers was creatively decorated – we will have to return another day to blog about each of the individual designers in more detail! Here are some pics to keep you entertained in the meantime!

parco16parco15Wow we think the person who wears the Revasseur dress above would have to be super confident haha! parco14We loved the Wil.Liam jewellery above which would work very well with monochrome outfits.parco19The Arty.Lily store above was delightful – you can see the label uses quite a lot of colour blocking which we love!

Here is what Carmen wore to the event… a vamastyle dress, belt from Dorothy Perkins, Chanel clutch and Jimmy Choo shoes.

parco21There was a “magic mirror” at the event as well – where you could try on clothes “virtually”. Just a word of warning – the mirror will judge how “skinny” you are by the width of your shoulders… So if you are wearing a blouse with poofy sleeves (like Carmen was), then the mirror will make you look enormous! Luckily the lady below was wearing a suitable outfit to try out the mirror! parco13And here is one of the highlights of the evening… one of the guys tried on a dress in the magic mirror. Hysterical! parco24

Overall we can conclude there are definitely some talented local designers in Singapore, and we aim to visit Parco Marina Bay again to cover the talent in more detail over the next few months… watch this space!


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