Last minute gift ideas for your girlfriends

So ladies, if you’re like Carmen and Natasha, who always leave Christmas shopping to the last minute (even though one of our New Year resolution for the past ten years has always been ‘this year we will NOT be disorganized and do our shopping ahead of time), you will hopefully find this blog post useful.

Below are some gifts that Natasha received from her dearest girlfriends – they’re practical, useful, quirky. Some of them smell nice, look nice, taste nice and most of all, they make you feel loved. Awwww…..


This present might not be good for your diet, but my goodness it’s delicious! It’s spa chocolate and it can be found on the basement of Takashimaya where all the food goodies are located. It’s packaged nicely and tastes yummy. what more can a girl want?!!



This gorgeous Anna Sui eyeshadow is so hard not to love. Look at the packaging,  it’s almost too pretty to use!


The next gift idea was given to Natasha by a dear friend and girls, this one is guaranteed to be appreciated by your dearest girlfriends. It’s a piggy bank with cute caption on it, the one below says “I’m savin up for new shoes!”. We think we definitely need more than a dozen of these piggy banks, because there are lots of cute shoes out there for the spring collection. You can find this on the ground level of Vivocity Mall in a shop called Monoyono and it can be yours or your girlfriend’s for just $14.90! They have other captions such as Savin up for plastic surgery, Savin up for a baby, and Savin up for a new job.

IMG_0163 IMG_0164


The next gift is from Mt. Sapola, and it’s the type of gift that transports to you an exotic beach resort in Thailand or Bali when you close your eyes and take a whiff of the heavenly scent of lemongrass. This particular brand is awesome, because the lemongrass scent stays on your skin for a long time! You can find Mt. Sapola at Vivocity as well.


The next gift is soooo adorable and it’s from Benefit. We had no idea that Benefit’s gift packaging is so cute. Look at the one below shaped like a small briefcase, rest assured it will brighten up your girlfriend’s day. The lip gloss is awesome, it tastes nice and glides on easily. Hurry up to the nearest Tang’s or Robinson’s and head over to the Benefit counter. The lip gloss and lipstick costs $27.

IMG_0174IMG_0154 2

An oldie, but a goodie, Crabtree & Evelyn never fails. From the pretty packaging and yummy scent, what girl doesn’t appreciate a good hand lotion?!! This particular Christmas edition offers three small hand lotion in a pretty box for the price of $32 and the best part is that you can use the pretty box afterwards to keep all your knick knacks.



Well ladies, we hope you find our post useful. For those of you who are silently panicking because your mind is going blank at what to give your girlfriends this Christmas, panic no more and use our gift ideas to guide you through Singapore’s chaotic pre-Christmas rush.


One thought on “Last minute gift ideas for your girlfriends

  1. Ahhh, so so great! You know, no matter how organized I am (and I’m pretty good) I still wind up doing that last minute shopping….. The more ideas I can get the better!

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