Two.o.ri’s gorgeous clothes

For those of you that remember our previous post on the opening of the gorgeous store  two.o.ri at Seng Poh Lane (check out the previous post here), here is part 2! We decided (solely for the benefit of our readers, of course) that we should try on the clothes and give it our verdict!

So here we go – Carmen had fun trying on the clothes, whilst Natasha snapped away! Let us know what you think!

The most amazing floral pink dress we’ve seen in a while…

pic1Carmen can’t believe that her clutch matches perfectly with the dress (it’s almost camouflaged!) – the dress is so comfy and silky! This was Natasha’s favourite piece – it was love at first sight for her!


Just in case you needed another reason to justify purchasing this dress – it is so versatile that you can wear the belt as a halterneck and create an entirely different look below! A bit more appropriate for a casual weekend.

pic3We’re both a HUGE fan of maxi dresses, and this one made Carmen feel a million bucks. Girls in the store wanted to try this dress on after seeing this, and we can’t blame them! The material is luxurious and the detail is phenomenal. You won’t find this in H&M…


pic6Ok any Downton Abbey fans? (Carmen is a bit obsessed with it at the moment). Anyway love this dress, which we feel is vintage at the top and modern on the bottom. And we love it – this was Carmen’s favourite piece!

twoori2Check out that detail at the back – how stunning! You could easily wear this to the office with a jacket, and then head out to drinks afterwards – your girlfriends would love this outfit!

pic8eThis blue dress below is such an easy outfit to thrown on and immediately look ready to hit the town. So easy, the rouging does all the work for you so you don’t even need to bother with a belt. Just throw on some fab accessories and away you go! We also think this dress is a winner for those who feel a bit out of shape and want that “go-to” dress that will look good despite no time for the gym, and let’s face it, after Christmas, we may all be requiring a dress like this!


The material is silky and feels expensive, so you feel very glamorous, but even more importantly, comfortable with room to breathe! I’ll take that extra slice of Christmas pudding thanks!

pic9And of course we had to take a photo of Natasha and her glamorous outfit worn on the evening! Those leather trousers are from Editor’s Market at Orchard Central – we’re both big fans! Carmen thinks it’s pretty amazing that Natasha manages to look so glamorous whilst perched on a cardboard box in two.o.ri ‘s storeroom!


So what’s our final verdict on the clothes at two.o.ri?

Well, you know when sometimes you get sick of the “fast fashion” stores like H&M, Forever 21 etc with the crowded stores, long waiting lines to try on clothes etc, only to purchase a piece of clothing that falls apart in 1 months time? Sometimes you just want that statement piece or a good quality wardrobe staple, that is going to last and feels special to you. So in that case, we do think two.o.ri is worth a look – the prices aren’t cheap but you can be assured the quality is top notch, and you will be purchasing something that isn’t freely available to 20,000 other people. No more stress as to whether someone else will be wearing your dress to the Christmas party!

two.o.ri details:

61 Seng Poh Lane #01-05 Singapore 160061


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