H&M: Christmas and NYE outfits!

And now it is H&M’s turn. My god H&M Singapore can be a very stressful experience, so only the brave or those desperate to find that last minute Christmas/ NYE frock should venture into the Orchard road store. Still, we did find some fun outfits, they certainly felt more fashionable and daring (although also a bit more “cheap”)… Still… great if you only plan to wear the outfit once!

Ok we LOVE this dress below. We know it’s a body con dress so it hugs every single curve you have got (this is NOT an appropriate dress to wear at Christmas lunch when you are eying up the Turkey/ Ham/ Mince Pies/ Christmas pudding/ etc etc – this will NOT do you any favours). STILL – we can’t help but think Carrie Bradshaw would have rocked this look, and we love the embellished shoulder pads. And now get this, the price of this dress is *drum roll please* SGD30. Yes that’s right, it’s currently on sale for THIRTY DOLLARS!

If you don’t love the curve hugging part of this dress or would feel uncomfortable, just wear a black or white maxi skirt over the top of it, and voila – you have a classy/ fabulously fashionable outfit! Heck even team this with a bright red, purple or hot pink skirt – we still think you’d look fabulous!



Or if you are in the office and plan to go out to a massive Christmas party afterwards, just throw on a red cardigan like below – how cute does this look? And so Christmassy! But just make sure you can get away with wearing ballet flats in the office, we wouldn’t recommend heels with this dress as the hemline is quite short…redhm3Yet another Christmas appropriate outfit below, the skirt is actually shimmery gold and looks fantastic with a pop of red on top! Prices: Cardigan SGD24.90; Skirt SGD49.90hm4We think the tucked out approach with the cardigan creates a more casual looks – we could also imagine wearing this in a more casual office environment. And the cardigan will keep you warm in those crazy over air-conditioned offices/malls/doctors surgeries/cinemas etc etc!


Ok we know this outfit below is hardly NYE appropriate, and more fitting for a Legally Blonde movie, however we liked how this dress is currently on sale and only cost SGD30! It appears super tailored and would be great for the office, and the pleats at the front don’t look ridiculous or like you have just swallowed the turkey whole. It’s chick and if you could team this with the gold jacket found in Mango, then you could find yourself a fabulous outfit – perhaps for those corporate Christmas events!

Yes it’s loud, but who wants to be quiet during Christmas time?!



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