MANGO: Christmas & New Year’s outfits

We walked into the Mango store at 313 Somerset in Singapore, and *shock* *horror*… they were doing some sort of weird “stock-take” during PEAK CHRISTMAS SHOPPING HOURS! The store had a big “closed” sign at the front! Who does that??? Ok enough of our rant, luckily we managed to sneak in some shots for our readers but unfortunately we couldn’t try on the clothes! Sorry peeps 😦

So here you have it – our own stocktake of the Christmas/ NYE party appropriate clothes in Mango (Singapore) stores right now…

Check out this glorious gold jacket! Forget NYE, we would wear this in the office anyday teamed with a simple black shift dress. Ok it’s a little rocker chic, but we think we could pull it off…mango1

WOW this dress below packs a punch – we don’t think you could squeeze any more sequins on it! The long sleeves are great if you are attending a NYE party that is indoors which freezing cold air-conditioning. Not so great if you are thinking of going to a club full of sweaty people or an outdoor rooftop party… But still, we like the hem length and the dress screams class whilst also simultaneously yelling “LOOK AT ME!!!!!”.

mango2Gotta love the colour Fuschia, it’s just such a bright and cheerful colour! A great simple dress and for only SGD69, what more could you want?!!mango3Yet more gold sequins – would LOVE to wear this to a NYE party! Not sure how short it is however, some may decide to wear black tights underneath this to maintain their dignity (especially after too many drinks on NYE…..). Priced at SGD99.


Didn’t see much red in the store (where is the pretty red Christmas dresses??) – there was one dress but we weren’t that excited about it personally…

And there you have it – what Natasha and Carmen spotted in MANGO!


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