GG<5 Christmas and NYE outfits

And here is our final post on Christmas/ NYE outfits – our last stop is with GG<5 in Singapore! Carmen visited the store at 313 Somerset.

Fabulous and simple outfit below – love the belt! We got to say – the displays at GG<5 are some of the best we’ve seen in Singapore! Clearly the ladies who work there know how to put an outfit together!

GG<5 If you are looking for a classy and elegant look, check out this beautiful dress below. The lining is a shimmery silver (hard to see in the photo) – but it still looks festive! Yes it hugs the curves but is very flattering, and it comes with a detachable collar so you can change the look – wear with a black jacket and you have a great outfit for the office! Price: SGD191.53 (the bizarre pricing is because they price without GST first and then add it on afterwards… we don’t really get it but hey that’s the way they roll….all prices we show include the GST)GG5bbAnd finally – a red dress! Ok we admit it’s a little boring for our liking, but you could team it up with a cute belt and it does help to improve the look. It’s not our favourite red dress (it’s just so….bland!), but if you’re desperate and looking for good quality, then go ahead and purchase! We must admit you could find a better belt elsewhere, this one felt a little flimsy. Prices: Dress SGD127.33; Belt SGD35.31

GG<5dWell this outfit below is a little more interesting – we like the pleated top + flared skirt combination! You just can’t go wrong with gold and red at Christmas time. We would love to see this outfit with a chunky gold necklace to complete the look! Prices: Top SGD67.41; Skirt SGD59.92GG<5e And for those greenies, here’s an inspired look just for you. The silky tank top felt amazing, it’s slightly racerback but still very elegant. Combined with a simple black flowy skirt would look amazing! Prices: Tank top SGD59.92; Skirt SGD88.81


And there you have it – our final post on the holiday season! We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Carmen & Natasha x


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