Snap it up at SnappyFit

If you are a female who is scared to buy anything online without trying it on, then you aren’t alone!  We’ve heard many ladies who are disappointed that the clothes they bought didn’t fit, or the quality just wasn’t up to scratch. What a waste of time and money!

Well we may have found a solution for you – right here in Singapore!

Recently Carmen checked out a new online retail venture in Singapore known as SnappyFit. It’s a new online concept where you can try before you buy.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.18.28 AM

1. Visit the website

2. Select all the clothes that you would like to try on

3. Via their website, you can then make an appointment to visit their store near Dhoby Ghaut to try them on! It’s targeted shopping ladies – its a personalised clothes rack created just for you!

4. Then you can purchase the items right there in the shop. They will courier the clothes to you so you don’t even need to carry them home!

From Left to Right: Denise (Stylist), Mandy (from Cleanse and Trend) and Sin (from SnappyFit)

SnappyFit is owned by Sin, who is really passionate about helping those ladies who struggle to buy online. Sin has combined forces with Mandy, the owner of the beauty store Cleanse and Trend at Dhoby Ghaut. They have created a small space which is their “wardrobe” within the store.

In theory, you could try on your clothes from SnappyFit and then have a facial from Cleanse and Trend – all at the same place!

So here is our review of the clothes Carmen tried on at the store!

Firstly, they have several local brands on their books already, and given they only just opened last year, we’re pretty impressed. Labels include: H’Muse, Wil.LiaM, Foreword, Mandy’s, Rolledit and Loef.

If you really feel clueless about what to wear, then you can request a stylist (at an additional fee) to come and help you during your appointment! Carmen had help from Denise Ng (Imago Image) and it really felt like a knowledgeable friend was there to help out! Denise will even tell you which colours suit your skin tones!

1. Wil.LiaM black and white dress – Price: SGD109

This dress is cool. Perfect for those office environments that are considered “alternative” – it’s a bit funky especially with the “tail” at the back! Very comfortable, and we think the price tag is reasonable given it is “designer”. The fabric is high quality and perfect for the hot climate here. Carmen loves that the dress has pockets!

Because the white in the dress was actually “cream” colour, Denise stated that the dress was perfect for Carmen’s skin tones.


Now just as a caveat, check out the “tail” on the back of the dress below. To be honest, we’re not too sure about the tail. It’s funky and yes very designer, but we’re just not sure if people would just end up laughing at us whilst walking down the street…. what do you think?blog22. Wil.LiaM top (SGD129) and Rolledit skirt (SGD39)

This outfit is fun, perfect for the office with a pop of colour! The black pencil skirt was super comfortable.

blog4b blog5

3. Colonette Dress by Wil.LiaM in Grey (SGD134.10) with red belt from Mandy’s collection (SGD29.90)

Another super comfortable dress (with pockets!) for the office, although Carmen must admit the left hand side of the dress was a bit on the short side for a more conservative office. The good news however is this dress is versatile – it can easily be worn on the weekend as well! Denise styled this outfit with a pop of red to bring it to life!


4. Dress by Foreword (SGD137.40)

This dress is made out of linen and chiffon – what a gorgeous combination! Carmen loved this dress, and we can easily see this dress as the perfect outfit to Sentosa or to have lunch at Prive by the Marina!


5. Wil.LiaM dress (SGD134.10); Necklace from Mandy’s (SGD29.90) and so is the Bag (SGD89)

We love this dress. LOVE IT. One of our favourite pieces. It’s perfect for the corporate environment here in Singapore, and makes you look FIERCE. Denise expertly styled this dress with a gold necklace and a gorgeous bag that is a mix of PU and ostrich leather.

blog96. Pretty sundress from Mandy’s collection (SGD79)

This dress was fun. It was from Mandy’s collection at Cleanse and Trend, but the great news is you can still purchase her clothes too! The colour was bright and cheerful but it was toned down by the beige lining underneath.


7. Floral skinny jeans from Loef (SGD33), Tank top from Mandy’s collection (SGD32.90) and Porcelain pendant from Mandy’s collection (SGD32.90).

Ladies, these floral skinnies are only $33!!! Carmen loved this outfit, it was so sophisticated but also edgy at the same time! Denise added a pop of turquoise to the outfit to bring the whole look together.

blogger2 8. Aztec print top from Mandy’s collection (SGD42.90) and Good Society Women Straight Jeans from H`Muse (SGD139)

Carmen thought the aztec top was so cool that she bought it. Perfect with a pair of jeans and the material felt very expensive! Only a medium size left now. The jeans were also very comfortable  -if you are looking for a decent pair of jeans priced in the mid range then consider these!


9. Cheongsam dress in red by Loef (SGD28), blue clutch from Mandy’s (SGD29.90) and Earrings from Mandy’s (SGD19.90)

Just in time for Chinese New Year! Carmen tried on this fun outfit and Denise decided to add a touch of “Shanghai Tang” with a contrasting blue clutch. This outfit is so fun, and at $28 for the dress, we wouldn’t know where to get one for cheaper! Great if you are on a budget.

bloggercheong blogger5

If you need the clothes altered, SnappyFit will take your measurements and all the details, and have them altered for you! They consider themselves a “concierge” service but without the price tag attached – they will only charge you the cost of the alterations plus postage and no more! They will then courier the altered clothes straight to your door – no fuss!

SnappyFit’s details:


Fitting Room location:

At the Cleanse & Trend Store
#03-16, Singapore Shopping Centre
Dhoby Ghaut (just next door to Park Mall)


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