Some gems found in Haji Lane

We love Haji lane. Here are some recent gems we found in two of the shops visited.

First stop: Shop Wonderland.

This store has only recently opened (in 2012) – and we LOVE IT. Can’t exaggerate that enough. It is a truly special gem, we really don’t think you could walk out of the store without wanting to purchase at least something! We love how these pictures below reflect the interesting shop fronts across the road!



Here was Carmen’s favourite item inside the store (and there were many!) – a fish bag! Very cute, especially with the colourful bunting for trim at the top!

IMG_2037And for those who love all things ocean, they have the matching “can of sardines” wallet, complete with “wrapped up tin foil” – how creative!!

IMG_2038  One of the best signs seen on Haji Lane below! IMG_2042 Another cute store on Haji Lane is Dulcefig – it has quirky accessories, jewellery and stationery, alongside “vintage” bags and clothes! IMG_2054 IMG_2044

These rings and earrings below were all modelled using clay – so clever! They had a variety of designs and colours. The are pretty neat, although must admit they don’t look very expensive so we would put this in the “fast fashion” basket. I.e. wear a couple of times then you probably will move on.

IMG_2045This clay necklace is clever, certainly a “statement necklace”, but not sure if we are big fans of the colours used here.


Ok now these earrings by Dancing Dangles below are amazing! Made by a local designer, these 14k gold earrings are intricate, and you can tell a lot of work has gone into the design. These are a little more pricey (around 70-80SGD) and we must admit that these would suit the really “girly” girls – but hey, we all know some of those right?! Great for sensitive ears too.

IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2049

Cute little clutch purses with different fabrics and jade buckles. These would make great little gifts!


The store is so quirky – check out this working typewriter below!


Some more cute coin purses below! More great gifts!



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