Fun fashionistas spotted at the Fashfix #TEAandFLEA event in Singapore!

Carmen popped into the Fashfix #TEAandFLEA event on Saturday afternoon which was focused on discussing the art of fashion blogging in Singapore.  Some of the top fashion bloggers in Singapore were in attendance (who were also selling some of their clothes!), and therefore the clothes seen on the day was generally bold, eclectic and wild!

The event was held at Artistry which is a really cute cafe just near Arab Street. The cupcakes looked very yummy and it’s a great place to have coffee and feel creatively inspired!

Here is Artistry cafe below.


And to those of you who read other fashion blogs in Singapore, here is Ms Glitzy below!

ok2Here are some pics of the fashion spotted in Singapore on the day! It’s great that people can really find ways to express their personality through clothes!


This is so clever below, it is a lace apron layered over a black tutu skirt and a black tank! ok4

Loving this outfit below – it’s so simple to do as well and looks so classy!ok5 The silk pants below were a stand out and we love the bangles which go perfectly with the whole outfit! Such a great botanic gardens outfit! ok8

A great classy and chic outfit below – we love black and burnt orange as a colour combo and definitely think gold accessories go best with these colours! ok9

This outfit below is a bit more playful and the bottom hemline is whimsical! Love the contrasting colour of the collar and necklace underneath. ok11

These leggings below remind us of Bali with the batik like design!


Who says Singapore is plain and boring? Check out the edgy fashion below spotted at the event! ok13 ok14

This outfit below is simple but well executed. Love the understated headband which just adds a bit of pop and wow factor to the outfit. ok15 ok16

Black and white stripes below! According to Elle magazine in Singapore, stripes are in! The pants are edgy and wild but we would love to see this look with a striped maxi skirt!


The gorgeous Vivian from fashfix below – we think the whole concept of (an online clothes swapping store) is a great idea! We are going to check it out in more detail and will write a blog post soon so watch this space!

ok18 ok19

One of the amazing mosques nearby!ok1


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