Vintage fashion in Singapore: Oakham market (O-mighty) store in Haji Lane

Ok we are going to be very honest about this one – this store is for SERIOUS vintage/ thrift store customers ONLY. If you can only handle buying clothes from Chanel or Prada where everything is clean and shiny, than Oakham market (O-mighty) store on Haji Lane is NOT the store for you.

But if you are looking for some really unique, different fashion pieces that will definitely not be on the racks in Zara etc etc, and you are willing to sort through a whole world of bizarre, tacky and sometimes clothes so wacky you either need to tweet a pic of it or perhaps even start a bonfire right in the shop….. (we may put that yellow smiley dress in the below pic in that bonfire…)

IMG_2202Other “interesting” aspects about the shop – prepare to enter a club with pounding music that plays the most random songs you will ever hear (it’s actually hysterical after about 5 minutes in the store) and the lady at the front counter definitely had a “punk-rocker” attitude (i.e. couldn’t care less if we existed or not!).

Anyway now that we have the negative out of the way…. (don’t say we didn’t warn you)… check out the gems that CAN be found if you spend a bit of time searching through the shop!

Here was the best gem we found all night – a cute pink shirt with clouds on it! We LOVED this shirt and Carmen ended up buying it. Cost of this little gem? $16 SGD. IMG_2190

This dress below was also very cute and had a vintage feel with printed roses on it. From memory the lining needed re-doing, but for the serious vintage lover we are sure that wouldn’t be too difficult. But the price tag was a little higher on this one – $49SGDIMG_2192

Ok this pic below is a little furry, but you got to remember we had pounding music, neon lights and can you see that glittery mardi gras-esque curtain on the left? yes it was that kind of place, and we’re going to blame their loud subwoofer for shaking our camera (ahem). Anyway the blouse was very cute with airmail postage stamps, and the skirt matched perfectly with the top (we liked the contrasting blue at the top of the skirt), however both outfits were $50SGD. The blouse was worth it, however the skirt had a bit of a weird shape when we tried it, it buckled a little at the bottom. IMG_2194

This dress below was very cute, although jury’s out on the tie collar. Love the pleats, andit definitely needed a belt (not included with dress). Still a pretty cool find in this shop!IMG_2196 IMG_2197

And here is yet another example of the “interesting” shop displays throughout the shop! They also had some pretty funny Simpsons t-shirts! IMG_2200

In case you want to look at their (REALLY CRAZY) website… and we can honestly say hand on heart that we have never viewed such an epileptic inducing website before in our lives….then check out the shop’s website below – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Would we go back? Absolutely! It was a fun filled occasion that was definitely more interesting than browsing through Orchard road for the hundredth time. Our tip – go at night and with a bunch of girlfriends!

Oakham market (O-mighty)

Address: 45 Haji Lane, Singapore
Opening hours:
From 2pm – 9pm

12 thoughts on “Vintage fashion in Singapore: Oakham market (O-mighty) store in Haji Lane

  1. TOTALLY doing it!!!!!!! Thanks for the tip. I love “thrift store” opps and have been craving the adventure since arriving in Singapore!

  2. Does anyone know what’s up with the sizes? I loved the products but was scared to order in case everything is tiny. Help!

    1. Hmm it’s hard to tell re: sizes as they collate all different labels that have different cuts etc. We would definitely suggest going to the store to try the clothes on vs. purchasing off their website. There were things that looked great on the racks and when we tried them on it just didn’t fit right… hope that helps!

    1. Hi Sheryl – we think they are open every day although the store definitely does not open early during the day – your best bet would be very late afternoon/ early evening! Hope that helps 🙂

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