Spotlight on NYC Spring Fashion 2013 – The flagship Kate Spade Shop at SoHo

Every once in a while Carmen and Natasha have the privilege to tag along their other halves on their business trip. So while the men work, Carmen and Natasha have to do the hard work of walking around, shop, take a few pictures for the Carmen and Natasha blog. It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it, right?!! 🙂

This time around, it was Natasha’s turn to tag along to New York City, one of her favorite cities in the world! Despite it being winter in New York, nothing stopped her determination to check out what spring fashion in New York would look like.


For those of you who have been to New York, you would know how awesome SoHo is! It is  a great neighborhood with cute little shops (think Chapel Street in Melbourne, combined with the little alley ways like Flinders Lane). It’s packed with neighborhood bakery, cafes, trattorias, and many more hidden gems. Natasha was lucky to stay in this area for one whole week – she even had the chance to spy on Katie Holmes sitting quietly in a corner of the local cafes!



Without much consideration, she knew she had to check out the Kate Spade flagship store – rumor has it they’re going to open a three-story shop to accommodate all things Kate Spade, including her bridal and home collection! *note to self: think of an excuse to go to New York again when the shop opens.



The side entrance of the Kate Spade shop. On a freezing New York winter afternoon, going in the shop was the perfect excuse to ‘stay warm’. 🙂


The hot pink and stripes work really well, especially for spring. Thanks to Singapore’s freezing malls and offices, we can still wear something like this in this part of the world!




How cute are the mannequins? Imagine wearing the dresses with a pair of colorful pumps or even wedges. Love!


The shoes look so enticing that Natasha just had to try on a pair herself. In the world of Carmen and Natasha, trying often means buying and this time was no exception. And the best part? The lovely sales assistant gave her a generous 10% discount, because it was the last pair in size 8.5!



How gorgeous are these pointy slingback flats? The cork material combined with the neon patent tip really works. They would look adorable with a cute summer dress or an A-line skirt paired with a crisp white shirt and statement necklace.


Check out these cute espadrilles! Imagine pairing it with cotton shorts and a denim shirt. The denim ones were Natasha’s favorite.



We are loving what Kate Spade has to offer for the spring collection. It’s very pop art! We want them all!


We love the way the boxes are stacked – the colors are just amazing.




So long Kate Spade, we will definitely be back in NYC, preferably in spring when the weather is a lot more nicer.


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