Blast from the past – Egyptian inspired jewelry at the Met Museum


On a snowy, wet and slushy late afternoon, Natasha decided to brace herself for the snowstorm brewing in New York to check out the exhibition currently being displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This museum is amazing and everytime she has the chance to go to the Big Apple, she always makes an effort to pop by.

And boy was she glad that she did! The museum happens to have  special exhibition on Egypt. Now we must admit we’re not crazy about tombs and mummies, but we’d be lying if we said that Cleopatra wasn’t hot! Her clothes, jewelry, even her haircut. So Natasha navigated her way through the mummies and Sphinx and headed straight to the jewelry section. Some of them were just jawdroppingly exquisite and gorgeous. She took a few photos of some of her favorite pieces, while silently oohing and aahing  at the Egyptian marvel – and we’re not talking about the pyramids!


This one was Natasha’s favorite! And you can see why – it’s so intricate and unique, it looks like it’s made up of little dainty spoons. Ladies, this necklace is simply divine and words simply cannot describe how much Natasha wanted to break the display glass, grab the necklace and run so fast it would put Forrest Gump to shame!



Check out the bracelet above and the necklace below. The design is so unique, vintage yet modern at the same time. You can picture these pieces on Nicole Ritchie’s or the Olsen sisters’ wrist and neck, can you not?



The necklace above such an attention grabber! How did they do this so well back in the days? Again, the colors and details combined with fantastic craftsmanship is such a winning combo!


This particular piece is one of the older ones on display, but they managed to find the different pieces and put them together. The different shapes, colors and sizes make this necklace droooooooolworthy.


The simplicity of the design above gets Natasha’s vote. From the sea urchin-inspired necklace, to the simple bracelet combined with the blue bangle, makes a stylish combo.


Last, but definitely not least, Natasha’s second favorite piece of all the pieces she saw. She was just flabbergasted when she saw this bracelet, the detailing and beautiful clasp to close the bracelet…….. Just so exquisite and tasteful.

Well our dear readers, looking at the jewelry above, you can’t help but think ‘why don’t they make jewelry like this anymore’?! And that is exactly why we will always visit the Metropolitan Museum, you just simply never know what special treasures lie inside.

Watch out for more NYC blog posts in the days to come!


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