Colour inspiration: RED #worldcolours #worldcolors

The colour for this month is RED. So here it is: our favourite red pieces in Singapore!

A beautiful red handbag from YSL:IMG_2183

Marc Jacobs shopfront at Mandarin Gallery. We like the outfit on the left! Preppy, girly and whimsy all in one.IMG_2221

Loving this Marc Jacobs scarf – it’s part of their new collection (which means: exxy) but we absolutely love the design and oclours.IMG_2222

Embarrassingly enough we would be happy with any of the necklaces below, but we do love the typewrite one and the green/red combo- reasonably priced too! You can find these in the Hansel store at Mandarin Gallery on Orchard road.IMG_2223

Jelly shoes. If you live in Singapore and you do not own a pair of jelly sandals, then BUY THEM. They are awesome. Breathable and won’t get ruined if it rains. The ones below are Sebastian shoes from Italy, so they are super expensive, but hey they come in red and we love the designs. We found these in one of the shoe stores in Mandarin Gallery (sorry guys, can’t remember which one, but they stock a range of shoes from Europe). IMG_2240 IMG_2241

The lighting in the below pic is a little dull and dreary, but hopefully you think it just adds to the effect considering the type of shoe you are looking at below seems quite ethereal! Amazing shoes at amazing(ly high prices).


Kate Spade red handbag alert below! IMG_2247

Shanghai Tang has a new collection out – and there are a few stand out red dresses included. Carmen is obsessed with this brand, and even eying up that vase in the background. IMG_2250

This bag was spotted in a seriously cool store called “Society of black sheep” at Marina Bay Shoppes. If you’re in that mall, then stop by this shop – it will be worth the effort for unique finds! Loving this bag below:IMG_2311

Out of all the above, we must admit the bag from the Society of black sheep is our favourite!


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