A bit of fun at Parco next NEXT @ Millenia Walk

Carmen checked out the preview of Parco next NEXT’s new season (in case you do not know what Parco next NEXT is, we will sum it up quickly for you: an array of amazingly talented local designers who are provided the chance to sell their own collection in a large department store).

Before we show you what the new season has to offer (next post!), Carmen had also visited (aka stalked) Parco with a group of girlfriends last week who will be our GUEST MODELS for this blog post!!!…

It was a fun filled event of girlfriends trying on clothes – some of them a little bit “interesting” (i.e. not suitable to walk down the street without having masses of people sniggering or staring).

Now don’t get us wrong, we love independent designers and individuality, but sometimes we feel fashion can take itself too seriously. Let’s face it – we are two normal girls who like nice clothes that make you look AND feel good. And we don’t think we are alone there.

Enough talk, let’s just show you the gems that we found (and the clown outfits)…. all found on level 2 at Parco next NEXT (@ Millenia Walk)


This was an amazing pink dress we found, and it was less than $80SGD due to it being on sale. We thought this looked designer, and yes it was purchased by one of the girls (how could you possibly let this one go?!). The fabric was lightweight and perfect for Singapore, and we adore the embellishment at the collar which means no need for a statement necklace! We also love that you could rock this look in the office with a jacket, or glam it up for a night with the girls. 10 out of 10 for this outfit. IMG_2257

This dress we were not a big fan of – it just didn’t hug the curves right but we’re not sure whether it was just suited better on a different body type. Either way, unfortunately this one just didn’t fit!IMG_2258

Ok so we adored the colour of this dress below – it was a beautiful salmon pink, but number 1 – why is the dress so creased? Not sure if it was literally taken out of a bag, but get us a steamer pronto please! Anyway unfortunately this dress seemed to buckle around the middle, but we guess you could just pull the zip all the way down to solve that problem…..or not!


One of the other girls tried on the same dress in a different colour, and we must admit this fits MUCH better. So clearly it suits some body types better then others – we loved the below dress and thought it would be great for the weekend!


This dress below was an absolute bargain, and from memory was approximately $40SGD. This dress was purchased, and the collar had cute gold studs all over it which made the dress look a LOT more expensive then it really was! Great fabric too, it was breathable and we all wanted this dress!


These floral skinnies looked amazing on only one of us (several of us tried them on) – very frustrating that it didn’t seem to suit all body types as we all loved the design!


Moving on to the next pic below, we are a BIG fan of the dress on the left  – we saw this at one of the Parco events last year and it really popped out – definitely one of our favourites in terms of design and fit. We love the pink pop of colour on the sleeves, and it really is one of those dresses that you HAVE to try on (it looks much better on person vs on the rack).

The dress on the right: two girls tried this dress on and let’s face it….. it’s a complete disaster. Just doesn’t fit right around the waist and hips – again maybe we just all weren’t the suitable body type for this dress!


Here is another pic of that dress we love dearly:


And here is a GORGEOUS skirt below that we loved, BUT unfortunately it was just too short for us – completely out of our comfort zone here. It was so short that you couldn’t really sit down in it without feeling exposed, but we have a feeling that it would suit someone with a more petite frame. In any case we LOVED the unique design and feminine print.


And now you are thinking…. that’s great and everything, but where is the clown outfit? And here you have it!


To explain, it was a Friday night, and we had the entire Parco next NEXT section to ourselves. So we decided to get a bit more “creative” and daring, and try on clothes that were CUTTING EDGE (aka clown outfits). We actually rated the trousers – and according to our gorgeous guest model below, she was very comfortable in the whole outfit!

And we love that she rocked the hat too!


Check out the gold bag below – WOW! At first we all giggled and thought “how ridiculous” is that bag… but then we all warmed up to it and decided we LOVED it! A super big clutch, we think this could make an outfit really pop. Imagine even wearing a crisp white shirt with dark jeans, and carrying this clutch bag out to dinner – fabulous!


Bag wars below! Us girls had so much fun at Parco – we highly recommend grabbing a group of girlfriends and making it a fun filled night of shopping!yes2.jpg    Our guest models really took their job very seriously….clearly! Loving the price tag earring on the left, the clown trousers in the middle (there you go – two clown outfits in this blog!) – although we must admit the trousers also look crazy yet cool, and of course WE LOVE THE BLUE CLOWN HAT! yes7.jpg

Great news – the clown trousers can be rolled up or rolled down! We would love to know what you guys think – is it fashion disaster or genius?! Personally we think our guest models are rockin’ no matter what they wear! Love the clash of “Audrey Hepburn” on the left, and “Krusty the clown” on the right. And we promise that’s the last clown reference you will hear from us… probably ever!yes8.jpgWe had the BEST time at Parco next NEXT – there was so much variety to choose from clothes to accessories, we loved the individuality and creativeness within the space, and prices were very reasonable too!

Oh and another thing, you are shopping in air conditioning, so if shopping outdoors is not your thing at Haji Lane, then you really should check Parco out!

Thank you so much to our guest models – Anna, Claudia, Isabel and Michelle!

Next post: the new collection at Parco!


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