Parco next next collection 2013

Ok let’s go. No mucking around, we’re going to dive straight into it.

So Parco next next is launching their new collection, which includes the following local designers (WE LOVE SUPPORTING LOCAL DESIGNERS!)

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 4.33.45 PMAnd here are some pics of what caught our eye at Parco…

Angelia – we’re loving this local designer. We will go and visit her store at Orchard Central and try on some clothes so you can see more of her collection – amazing stuff and reasonably priced. Loving this black top below – we can imagine teaming this with a pair of leggings with an outrageous print on it… and still looking sophisticated 🙂


This was one of our favourite designers at Parco – it’s called CHALK by Priscilla Tan. We think she is massively talented and love how she works with brights (perfect for Singapore) whilst still maintaining a sophisticated edge. We will try on her clothes in the future so you can see how the clothes look on real life!Absolutely love the white dress on the far right – beautiful!

yes2 And here is the designer Priscilla looking amazing in her own label!


Alexandria Chen intrigues us – we will have to try on the clothes first before reporting back on whether they are more for show or if it is “real” fashion. Loving the colours of the neon with gray on the left, although we’re not a big fan of the balaclava-esque mannequin on the right – freaky!yes3

And here is Lion Earl below – a much loved Singapore fashion label. We are loving the print on the dress, however we’re not sure how the design would look on a real person (around the bust area it could look a little odd). yes4 Ok so this section below – all from the brand Veira – is not “officially” part of the Parco local designers section, however we loved the decor so had to show you guys!  yes6

Love the black book below – we both think we need a copy! yes7

And here was another of our favourite designers – this is Saloni Rathor. Amazing colours (she uses a special dye which ensures the colour does not run or fade like other brands) and the collection is inspired by NATURE.

We love this designer so much that we will write up another post focusing on her collection, including photos of us in the clothes so you can see how it looks on a real person (just like the label Chalk!). Overall we think the label is inspiring and who doesn’t love brights!


This dress below was inspired by waterfalls. Interesting design, we’re keen to try it on so watch this space!yes9

The collection was inspired by nature – the swirls of the orange clothes at the front were actually inspired by mountains in China – how cool is that?!yes10

Got to love this orange maxi dress – simple but with cute detailing which makes it more interesting! We would love to team this with turquoise accessories! yes11

Gosh we love the bright colours and the intricate design details – have a look at the sleeves on this top below! So beautifully pleated – we think this would look amazing with either white jeans or even a white pencil skirt! Or if you are feeling more adventurous, team it with contrasting colours – Singapore is the place to do it!yes12

How perfect is this dress for the botanical gardens?!!!!yes13

Very girly dress we admit below, but we love the contrasting colours – apparently this dress has been very popular!!


And in case you were wondering what Millenia Walk shopping mall looked like -check out below! Isn’t the ceiling glorious!! yes15




Tell us what you think!

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