Bargain hunting at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market

Last week, Natasha went on long weekend getaway to Bangkok to get a dose of visits to the temple and museum. Okay who are we kidding, she went there to get pampered with glorious Thai massages, real Thai food, and an overdose of retail therapy. 🙂

For those of you who have been to Bangkok, chances are you’ve been to Chatuchak Weekend Market at least once. It’s a gigantic market selling everything from used books to live animals and paintings. For those of you who haven’t been there, please be wise and go there in the morning, with a big bottle of water. It’s hot, stuffy and the 100% humidity due to the heat trapped under the roof does wonders to your hair (read: you may come out looking like you just had an 80s perm done to your hair. And no, not in a good way)

So after making various turns in the market’s nooks and crannies, Natasha came across various cute jewelry shops. Putting her ‘I-know-what-I’m-doing-when-it-comes-to-bargain-hunting’ look on her face, it only took a second until a friendly shopkeeper approached her to convince her to buy the necklace, because it’s cheap cheap and nice.

And please, do not, we repeat, do NOT, ask Carmen and Natasha to try to remember where these stalls were located, because finding the exit was an art in itself!

Below are some of the cute finds found at Chatuchak Market.



The necklace above has many tiny bells attached to it, so if you plan to sneak up and scare someone, don’t even think about it because he or she will be able to hear you from a mile away. This one costs a mere SGD30!


This one is Natasha’s favorite! Remember our previous post on Egyptian jewelry at the Met? Well, this necklace reminds her of one of the pieces. The colors, the design – divine! It’s actually from Afghanistan and costs SGD60.


This pastel flower necklace is Natasha’s second favorite. It’s so pretty and made in Korea. not bad for SGD40.


The black necklace looks awesome on. Half convinced when it was hung, Natasha decided to give this necklace a chance and tried it on. And boy, did it look amazing! A bit steep at SGD65, but heck – if you have a strong urge to buy it then just bloody buy it! Oh, that’s another tip for Chatuchak shoppers, if you see something you like, just buy it because chances are you will never find the shop again.

Watch out for more Bangkok write-ups – we love this city loads!


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