Shopping in Hong Kong

Carmen recently visited Hong Kong. Dim sum, swanky rooftop bars and WELL GROOMED MEN EVERYWHERE. Even the magazines featured more male models then females. Interesting….

See below for an example – this was at a “raw food” takeaway joint in Soho! The best dressed person at this joint was…. *drumroll*…. a man! Impressed!BeFunky_IMG_2366.jpg

Anyway back to the shopping… here is a cute orange dress from Club Monaco (one of Carmen’s favourite brands!) BeFunky_yes1.jpg

There was so much colour in the shops – how joyful are the shoes in the middle?!! These were spotted in the Tod’s store.BeFunky_IMG_2384.jpg

Wow we wish we could have this shoe rack in our homes! Spotted at Tod’s. Which colour would you wear? Carmen’s favourite were the light green at the bottom!BeFunky_IMG_2385.jpg

Wallets and card holders in fun colours at TOD’s! Red wallet or purple wallet? Can’t decide! BeFunky_IMG_2386.jpg

And here is a colour that was spotted throughout Hong Kong – turquoise! Loving this colour – at TOD’s.BeFunky_IMG_2387.jpg More TOD’s ballet pumps in rainbow colours!  BeFunky_IMG_2388.jpg

Well we know black and white stripes are in fashion – they have been spotted all over the place! But how about these shoes?! Admittedly black and white still remind us of convicts however… perhaps its the fact that Carmen is from Australia and all that English convict history saga is just too raw…. BeFunky_IMG_2389.jpg

Pretty pastel bags spotted at PRADA. Yes we know what you are thinking – did Carmen seriously spend all her time in designer stores? Well no, she ate twice her body weight in food as well. It was quite a feat.BeFunky_IMG_2390.jpg

The new turquoise colour from Ferragamo below – how delightful!! Love love LOVE. Reminds us of St Barts (minds are starting to wander just thinking of a tropical oasis right now….)BeFunky_IMG_2391.jpg

Anyway back to the amazeballs turquoise blue that Ferragamo has released as its new colour. LOVE these wedges – they would look amazing paired with a pretty white sundress! The only problem? In Singapore it gets crazy hot and your feet swell, so we think these shoes are best suited to overseas trips to colder places OR you must purchase in an extra size up to allow for your feet to breathe! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!BeFunky_IMG_2394.jpg

The amazing streetscape whilst walking around Central in Hong Kong. Oh look there’s Chanel and Van Cleef & Arpels sitting nicely together – how convenient….!BeFunky_IMG_2395.jpg

Back to the Ferragamo store, here is there latest collection in YELLOW. We’d be happy with any of the products below…. we’re just saying Ferragamo…. if you want to send us any as a way of saying thanks for being amazing bloggers, we wouldn’t say no 😉

What do you guys prefer – the yellow or the blue?? Hmm tough decisions!


Carmen became a bit obsessed with the bag below. Ok we all have heard of the basket bag which was fashionable like seven light years ago, however it was so refreshing to see this proudly displayed in the Hogan store window. Perhaps this bag would be a great solution for anyone that is really messy, as it would force them to ensure the inside of their bag must look neat! Only problem is we can imagine the lipstick falling through – or worse, sanitary products! Ahh that would be Carmen’s luck…BeFunky_IMG_2398.jpg

This was the shoe display at Hogan (below)! Loving the neon pink which features in every single shoe on that table – funky!


And lastly, Vivienne Tam! Check out those bright colours – doesn’t it just inspire you to walk through and see what that collection is all about? Fun, we say. BeFunky_IMG_2401.jpgAnd yes, Carmen did a little bit of damage in Hong Kong. We will share that with you another day!


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