Fashion launch 2013: Attaby

Carmen recently attended the Attaby collection 2013  launch party at LOOF bar.

We love LOOF bar and think the recent renovations are pretty cool. We will have to go back there again sometime.


Anyway the Attaby party was held in the private room behind the main bar area. The 2013 collection is inspired by the French Riviera and as explained by Attaby founder Claire, the dresses were designed with that “beach to bar” idea in mind.


We must admit we aren’t the “resort wear” type of girls, however if you are a big fan of simple, breathable dresses in various suitable colours for Singapore, then Attaby is worth a look. Especially if you are considered “plus size” in Singapore and struggle to find clothes (and let’s face it, that just simply means you aren’t double zero sizing and extremely petite!). Out of all the design below was our favouite and we could imagine pairing it with a large straw floppy hat, big sunglasses and blue wedges whilst traveling around the French countryside! Price: $160SGDyes2

Most dresses were priced around the $160SGD mark. We’re not really sure how much resort wear fashion should cost (given it isn’t our style we haven’t really purchased any!) but we can tell you that the quality of the fabric was good. yes3You can check out Attaby’s full collection at:


2 thoughts on “Fashion launch 2013: Attaby

  1. Loof is amazing, one of my favorite haunts while I was in Singapore – this and The Lantern at Fullerton bay hotel.

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