Spotlight on Shopping in Seminyak, Bali


So here’s the best part about living in Singapore – going to a tropical island such as Bali is only a short plane ride away. For those of you who have not been there, if you think Bali is a small island – you’re wrong! It’s huge and it has so many faces to it and this beautiful island has practically everything for everyone – including fashion aficionados like Carmen and Natasha. This post puts the focus on one area only – Seminyak – where all the restaurants, cute little cafes, and shops are located. Natasha was there for six days recently and started snapping away so our lovely readers (yes, YOU) know where to go if ever you happen to be in the Seminyak area. When we say Seminyak, we meant specifically Oberoi Road and Legian Road, where most of the gorgeous shops are on.

First stop: Magali Pascal, Natasha’s favorite shop. Magali is a Bali-based French designer and always uses the yummiest and awesome quality fabric of mostly lace, silk and the softest cotton (trust me, these are all essential fabric to wear in Bali’s notorious heat). Price is a bit steep for Bali standards (SGD80-300) but trust us it’s worth it!


Natasha adores these two colors in this season’s collection. the canary yellow and mint green is perfect against the island’s sunset or beach backdrop.

IMG_2861 IMG_2863

She also makes gorgeous jewelry – very delicate and feminine design. We must exercise our willpower and restrain ourselves whenever we go to her store! Oh, Magali Pascal has a few stores in the Seminyak area, so if you you see something you like and they don’t have your size or item – don’t fret, chances are they’ll have it in their other shop!

IMG_2862 IMG_2858


After Natasha regained her composure, it’s time to walk a few meters down the road to pop into Lulu Yasmine, another beautiful boutique on Oberoi Street. Admittedly, the choices are a tad bit limited, but they do have a few key pieces that are too good to put back on the rack. If we had to choose, we’ll definitely go for Magali Pascal!

IMG_2867 IMG_2868

We’re loving the chandelier! It would go so well in our walk-in wardrobe. Sigh – dream on Carmen and Natasha!


Literally next to Lulu Yasmine, there’s another shop called ‘from’.Trust us, in Bali’s tropical heat, going into shops to cool yourself down is one of the best things to do! From has casual slouchy t-shirts for men and women, and funky dresses, sunglasses and jewelry. Price is reasonable and the fabric does tend to stretch and lose a bit of shape after a dozen washes or so (speaking of experience).IMG_2873 IMG_2875  IMG_2876

Natasha loves the red dress on the rack! The fabric is so soft and perfect for Bali and Singapore! And the red is so vibrant. Pair it with nude flats or cute strappy sandals, plus a fedora hat. Gorgeous! IMG_2880  IMG_2878

Seminyak Square – About 500 meters down the road from Lulu Yasmine, lies Seminyak Square – which is like a mini mall with cafes and restaurants (there’s a good salon upstairs on level 2 by the way, called jazB owned by a Singaporean lady, it’s worth checking it out if you’ve had enough of walking around!). Seminyak Square has a daily bazaar of 10-15 stalls, with each stall selling things like dresses and jewelry. Natasha found a couple of maxi dresses for SGD50 and the best part? You can show off your bargaining skills (which Carmen and Natasha are not very good at).IMG_3068 IMG_3069


There’s a small road next to Seminyak Square – and beware of guys in batik shirts trying to offer you ‘vouchers’ – be polite but decline them sternly or just say ‘no, thanks’ and walk away. Anyway, back to the topic of cute stores, there’s a gorgeous new shop called House of Feathers. Do yourself a favor and go in the shop! Word of warning for those of you who are obsessed with jewelry, the shop has a lot of cute things. We repeat, a lot! Pricewise, it won’t send you broke but it’s not dirt cheap either. They’re about SGD30-SGD50 each and all so cute! Bali designers do friendship bracelets really well, and Natasha is obsessed with stacking them.





We love the dove bracelet! They are SGD30 each. Natasha bought the pink one and the mint green four-leaf clover bracelet.

IMG_3083 IMG_3084

The necklaces are equally gorgeous! the pom pom ones and neon tassels are so cute. They’re about SGD50-70 each. While writing this blog, we’re thinking – why didn’t we get those?! Oh well, there’s always next time.

IMG_3085 IMG_3086

The necklaces below are Natasha’s favorite! Very Proenza Schoeler and Prabal Gurung, don’t you think? Perfect for white t-shirt and jeans ensemble.IMG_3087

House of Feathers has really beautiful tote bags as well – perfect for the beach! The colors are so vibrant and vivid, and have a Tibetan/Burmese feel to it. They’re SGD70 each and we think it’s worth it. IMG_3093  IMG_3091

The shop sells clothes and other knick knacks, but Natasha was too fascinated with the jewelry and accessories  that she didn’t really bother looking at the dresses. Make sure you go to this shop, it’s worth the stop!     IMG_3094


8 thoughts on “Spotlight on Shopping in Seminyak, Bali

  1. I do not think that they are cheap as compared to Bangkok,But for those who love the sun and the sea Bali is a great place to go . Anyway I have been there four times and without fail I always have that feeling that the Ang Mohs get better treatment than us ( I am a Singaporean Chinese)
    Wan Lien on 29 May,2013 at 10.32am

  2. Seminyak Bali is one of the interesting culinary locations. there are many restaurants and bars are very worth to visit and can accompany you to enjoy your holiday. And for those who like to shop, you can find local handicraft items of interest to you bring to your country. and in this place there are many resorts and villas with a unique service. one of which may be a reference for you in the future, namely Kubu Seminyak hotel … thanks for share.

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