Jewellery in Singapore: Anton Heunis, Samantha Wills & Chelsea De Luca @ Peachy

In Singapore, sometimes you feel the only options for jewellery are either Chanel/ Bvlgari etc or Diva… Not saying anything is wrong with either, but it’s great to know that there are places in Singapore that cater for the middle ground!

Check out these two jewellery designers that are currently available at Peachy (for further details on where to purchase, check out the end of this post).

Anton Heunis

Handmade in Madrid. Gosh that line sounds terribly exotic doesn’t it?! With jewellery, we think pictures say everything, so here we go:

fave4What’s trending in jewellery right now? Feathers, coral and turquoise accents. Love this necklace above, it’s light yet chunky at the same time!

Below you can see more of the new collection from Anton Heunis. We love all of these pieces – and must admit they are perfect for just making an all white or all black outfit a lot more interesting! Also think navy blue would work well with these pieces.


These earrings below are actually made from Ivory glass (we tried to look up whether ivory glass was better/ more ethical than using ivory but couldn’t find any info on this!), as well as crystal and gun metal! But again the features make these earrings appear so light and feminine! (SIDE NOTE: found out that ivory is simply the colour of the glass, so not unethical in any way… yay!)


Samantha Wills

Think: dreamy, vintage-style, bohemian luxe jewellery. That’s Samantha Wills, a VERY popular Aussie jewellery designer. You can see why in the below pictures…


Regarding the below, I think we could just close the wooden box and take the whole lot home! fave6

Amazing bracelets below – especially the ones with turquoise stone. This jewellery is so beautiful we can imagine treasuring it forever and handing it down one day. fave7Carmen’s favourite is the turquoise blue bracelet in the below picture – it’s very slinky yet the massive turquoise stone in the middle packs a punch. LOVE it. Turquoise is also Carmen’s birth stone… just saying…fave8

And why not get the matching turquoise ring to go with the bracelet?! This is divine. fave9  And then there is bridal jewellery! What a great idea – for the bride who doesn’t want to wear typical standard jewellery on her wedding day, or is struggling to find a decent hair clip for the veil etc – well Peachy is trying to help you brides out!fave14These earrings below are our favourite – forget wedding day, we’d wear these every day! Very art deco and so elegant – they would really look amazing in the evening!


Cocktail rings are really “in” for weddings this year – it’s all about the bride giving her bridesmaids gorgeous cocktail rings to wear on the wedding day.


As you can see Peachy has a variety of different options – we know these may be considered a little less “conventional” to traditional jewellery but it’s just so lovely to see something a bit more interesting then just bling! And if you still want the bling, trust us – check out the massive necklace on the left below – this is cha-ching bling!!!


For more details you can check out Peachy’s website below (and yes they do online shopping too!)


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