Jewel Rocks rocks Bali

During Natasha’s visit to Bali a month ago, she discovered a hidden precious gem of a shop called Jewel Rocks – selling gorgeous friendship bracelets and also necklaces. All around Seminyak, a lot of the shops display Jewel Rocks bracelets, but Natasha was super thrilled when she found the actual workshop, located right across Seminyak Resort. It’s easily missed, so make sure you keep a close eye on the signage! Jewel Rocks is proudly owned and designed by an Indonesian designer, who travels everywhere to find the perfect bead, string, and whatever it takes to make each bracelet unique.

IMG_3109Natasha is a tad bit obsessed with these bracelets, and as much as she tries to exercise self-restraint, it’s hard to resist these affordable and great quality bracelets that come in every color possible. Remember our earlier post on Italy’s Cruciani bracelet? Well consider this the Balinese version. The zodiac bracelets below are definitely getable and cost about SGD25-40 each. Perfect to be worn on its own or stack it with other bracelets. Great gift idea, too!

IMG_3097We ADORE the pastel bracelets below!! The colors are so soft and girly. Mix it with the gold chain bracelet – perfect for spring/summer. In fact, as we’re writing this blog post, we’re wondering ‘remind me why I didn’t buy this?!’.


IMG_3103We believe that presentation is crucial to any product and we love how these bracelets are being displayed. Simple, yet enough to keep your eyes feasted on them for more than five minutes.


IMG_3100Natasha had to peel herself off the shelves before she goes crazy, especially when she saw the bead necklace just as she was about to leave the shop! Repeating the mantra ‘look away’ seems to help most of the time. So our darling readers, try our mantra next time you’re caught in a tricky situation or if you find yourself asking ‘to buy or not to buy’.


The bracelets below are not our favorite, it’s simply a matter of style preference, but we do like the bright colors!


For more information on Jewel Rocks, check out their website!


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