What’s in Carmen and Natasha’s bag

Natasha’s bag:


Chanel Medallion Tote – neutral colors are always the most versatile and the classic shape is timeless!

Yves Saint Laurent business card holder – Fuchsia is one of Natasha’s favorite colors and let’s face it, it’s a lot more eye catching than a plain black one. It’s also big enough to put all the essential cards (credit card, apartment access card, ID card, etc.) and small enough to fit into a clutch bag.

Salvatore Ferragamo wallet – a gift from hubby 🙂 Natasha has a bad habit of shoving things in her wallet so the zip keeps it all in!

iPhone – need we say more?

Office Blackberry – As much as Natasha hates to admit it, this addictive device is glued on her, together with the iPhone. Darn you crack berry!

O&M Frizz Logic serum – Love love love! Love the smell, the texture and most of all, love the fact it actually helps gets rid of Natasha’s frizzy hair! This also features in Carmen’s bag below!

Salvatore Ferragamo toiletries bag – fits a lot of knick knacks and a special gift from the store keeper from the Ferragamo Museo shop in Florence.

NARS lipstick – Natasha is a big fan of NARS. The colors seem to work with her warm skin tone. Her favorite shades are Heat Wave and Funny Face. The day Funny Face is discontinued will be a very very sad day for Natasha.

Chanel pressed powder – Natasha is not really fussed about the brand, but Chanel works quite well on her combination skin.

Sephora nail filer – Being the notorious bag rummager that she is, chipped nails are unfortunately a normal and constant thing in her life, just like her frizzy hair. This has proven to be a life saver, especially on those important meetings days at the office. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more distracting than a chipped nail and it gets caught on your clothes!

Maybelline Masterliner – the only kohl eyeliner that works well! Natasha has tried practically all the best brands out there, but the one product that’s worked well? Maybelline. A steal at SGD11.90.

Crabtree & Evelyn travel size body lotion – Singapore’s extreme temperature (18 degrees in malls and offices and 35 degrees outside) causes the skin to dry out easily.

Clean&Clear oil control film – The oil on Natasha’s face by the end of the day is enough to fry banana fritters. Okay, maybe not, but close. This great invention is fantastic!

Wet tissues – There’s nothing worse than clammy hands due to Singapore’s crazy humidity. Wet tissue always helps get rid of it, especially important if you take public transportation.

Carmen’s bag:

BeFunky_Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 1.jpgClockwise from left:

Hermes garden party bag and wallet – both were presents and are very special!

iPhone – can’t live without this!

Pack of tissues – from reserving tables to cleaning up any disasters (makeup, spilled drinks etc!), this is a definite essential in Carmen’s bag!

O&M Frizzy Logic serum – another essential and is carried around everywhere. This little bottle of magic helps to deal with frizzy hair whilst on the go… and it smells so good! You can purchase it here

Shanghai Tang business card holder – love the contrast between the blue and orange star, this is also carried everywhere and was purchased on the last trip to Hong Kong.

MAC prep + prime concealer – this miracle stick helps to instantly hide any dark circles and although Carmen’s skin is usually too sensitive to deal with MAC products, this one seems to be a winner.

Shizens lip painter + gloss set – another miracle stick where the white cream instantly creates rosy lips (you can see the colour of your lips actually change!) and the gloss on the other end of the stick creates a finished look. The result is no lipstick smudges on wine glasses or napkins (a personal pet peeve) and it lasts all day! You can purchase it here

Shizens mascara stick – this mascara is personally the best ever tried, and everyone Carmen has recommended this too has agreed! It creates really long lashes without any clumping or hardening – love this! Get rid of your false lashes girls! You can purchase it here

Badger anti bug balm tin – with Dengue fever on the rise in Singapore, Carmen is taking no chances! Mosquitoes are so fierce in SIngapore, and if you are unlucky enough like Carmen to be considered attractive Mozzie bait (they say it’s something in your blood?!) then it is a real pain!! This balm is so handy to throw in the bag and it smells great too (not like those stinky ones you buy at the pharmacy!)- it also safe for kids! You can purchase it here

Red flower face mist (Rose Camelia Plum) – Carmen is a big fan of face mists, and believes they are an absolute must in Singapore! If she’s feeling very prepared, she will put the mist in the fridge and then just before heading out will throw it in the bag – especially when there is a long walk outdoors required. The cooling mist instantly freshens you up and stops you feeling sticky and sweaty! These mists are used in the Fullerton hotel and has a huge celebrity cult following in Hollywood – they can be purchased here

Badger stress soother tin – Carmen loves aromatherapy, and anything that can help to soothe her daily stress is always a good thing! This balm is so handy and smells so good – so she pops a little under her nose and on the temples when times seem to be so tough! This can be purchased here


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