H&M Singapore: What we like right now

H&M in Singapore. Yes we know it’s been around for a little while now, but Carmen & Natasha both admit it can get so hectic in there that you just don’t really want to go in. We know this isn’t as exciting as talking about a new and upcoming local designer or a charming boutique, however we know that a lot of our readers go in especially for staples and a bit of fast fashion. And let’s face it, both of us have loads of “fast fashion” in our wardrobes, so who are we to talk? Just don’t even get us started on the change room queues in H&M…..

Carmen was walking by last week and popped into the store for a visit. Here are some of our observations:


The dress above is quite cool when you are in that grungy mood. Very cool dress and only 80sgdimage2

Cute blouse above that looks very appropriate for Singapore weather. Would love this look paired with a white pencil skirt or even a red maxi! Interesting to note this top costs the same as the dress above, at 80sgd.


How designer does this blue pencil skirt look (above)! Love this and you could combine it with a crisp white shirt – so classy! It’s nice to see some skirts in Singapore that are actually knee length… The skirt costs 100sgd, which is a lot for H&M, but at least it has an interesting design.image4

Spring inspired structured peplum top above. Would look great with a pencil skirt and appropriate for the office. image5

Accessories! This sharks tooth necklace looked really expensive and the pendant itself is quite heavy – definite score here! Easily worn with so many outfits, and from memory not too expensive (something around 20sgd mark).image7

Cool clutch bag above! Love the colour and the gradient effect! image8

Scarves! Even tho Singapore is stifling hot, when you walk indoors you freeze due to the air-con. So we think scarves are great to throw in the handbag! The ones above were the best quality in H&M.image9

More scarves in H&M – such a cheap way to follow a trend such as the black and white stripe trend currently going around! image10

Cute feather dress above which is perfect for casual weekends and beach holidays! image11

Another similar casual beach/ lazy sunday dress above! The turquoise colour was stunning.image12

Pretty funky pencil skirt above. We must admit you would need a crazy toned body to pull this look off as the material was really thin (spandex we think) but with a conservative white blouse or shirt we think this could look quite awesome (if only the material was more structured and flattering!) image13And for the REALLY brave, you can pick up a studded bra-let in H&M. We all know there are certain people in Singapore that would happily go walking down the street in this and a mini-skirt, but we are not one of them. The only saving grace would be if you combined this with a (very) high waisted white maxi skirt, then this could look absolutely amazing. Otherwise, stay clear!



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