Funky little bag shop spotted in ION

Carmen was in ION on Orchard Road yesterday and spotted a this little gem called lapalette.

For those that are opposed to the designer handbag movement, or just prefer to have something a bit quirky or different in their wardrobes, or is looking for something a bit different as a gift for their friends, then lapalette is definitely worth a look.This Korean bag brand seems to have focused on three things: horses, the circus and ballerinas.
And why not?

IMG_2794Ok so firstly apologies for the weird lighting effects that are in the photos. Carmen only had her iphone with her and the store lighting seems to send iphone cameras into lockdown mode. Anyway as you can (just about) see the store is sweetly presented and there is certainly a charming feel when you walk in the store. IMG_2795There are bags of all shames and sizes in here – which is just so wonderful to be able to wander around and admire the clever designs and shapes! Some are designed to look like a little cottage, whereas others are the more traditional satchel/ over the shoulder bags but with a strategically placed horse on the bag just to shake things up a bit! IMG_2796What Carmen really liked about these bags above is they all have the letter C on them. Sweet! These would make great gifts for even little girls who love horses and big enough that they would like to have their own handbag already. IMG_2797Circus theme above – love this design and just so whimsical! IMG_2798May be hard to see, but the purple bag in the back has ballerinas in different poses. This is definitely a very “girly-girl” bag, but even for those that like to be a little more subtle can choose the bags in front with just a little horse on the front.

What do you think Are these bags your style or would you not go anywhere near them?

Here is their website for those who love them:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 3.15.40 PMThe store is located at B3 in ION, Orchard Road.



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