Hong Kong: Nice window dressing

We really like the window dressing in Harvey Nichols and Gucci in Hong Kong at the moment – check it out below!


Such bright bright colours which seem to go so well together! We think these displays definitely entice you into the store – and how can you not love anything with the British flag on it?!IMG_2862

This window display in Gucci is SO clever – inspired by bell boys and hotel porters! What a clever idea as they can display luggage and other merchandise in the window and it all seems to tie in nicely. We would love that bell boy inspired swing in our homes – would be a great way to put your shoes on in the morning! IMG_2863


Now this store called Morn Creations in Hong Kong below is hysterical – they create animal themed bags and its all for animal protection which is fantastic! Check out the whale bags and shark bags below! They also had owls, rabbits, dogs and more! We love the creativity here!

You can check them out on facebook here

And…. on another note after dealing with the haze in Singapore for what felt like forever – check out the beautiful blue skies in Hong Kong recently! What pollution? Absolutely amazing!



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