What’s in stores now: Marks and Spencer & Massimo Dutti

Ever since Marks and Spencer took over the space where Borders used to be in Wheelock Place (a Carmen and Natasha hangout), we just haven’t ventured to the new M&S store properly as it’s been too painful. Who doesn’t love book stores?

Anyway we decided to finally venture over to M&S and take a look. Bear in mind Carmen knows M&S quite well after years living in London, and let’s just say we’re a bit confused as to the direction the brand is heading in.

Some clothes we thought were ok:

This white dress below is actually a crochet design. The price tag made it quite lumpy, but then again it’s a classy white dress (we like the length of this dress too – very flattering). The wedges paired with it are quite cute, although the mannequin probably needs a few more accessories.


Great yellow mustard dress. Still not over this colour yet clearly, although we think the cut is flattering and like the little gold zip details. It looks generally well made and was a good material. Again, price was on the high end for M&S but again at least the quality was there.IMG_2848

This dress below was a cute little leopard print – there were several ladies eyeing this up whilst we were there. It has a drawstring at the waist so you can add some shape to the look and we think it’s a practical dress for the Singapore weather.IMG_2849

Not sure about this look below. It reminds us of how high school teachers used to dress in the 90’s. Perhaps it’s the peep toe shoes that are killing it for us and the bow done up at the front in a rather unflattering way. IMG_2846

The best thing about M&S? THE FOOD HALL! They actually have English teas and even biscuits, although not sure we would buy the frozen ready made meals from here when they are around the $20sgd mark – really?! They better be good for that amount!IMG_2851

Whilst in the area we popped into Massimo Dutti as well around the corner. We are LOVING this gorgeous floral top below which goes amazing well with those lilac jeans on the right! IMG_2852

And another great white dress below with leather trim details at the neck and how can you not love those buckles on the shoulders – stunning! IMG_2853


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