3 designer shoes and 1 travel bag for $800!

On a hot sunny Singapore morning, Natasha casually checked her Facebook and to her surprise, there was an invitation from Laprendo announcing their end-of-season sale. Up to 80% off all items, the invitation said. Yea right, she thought, lowering her expectation! She did, however, accept the invitation. For those of you who don’t know, Laprendo has two stores in Singapore – one in Dempsey, another at Fullerton Hotel, and it sells designer fashion items from shoes, bags, accessories and clothing, at awesome prices!

She went to the sale the next day, trying to contain her excitement despite her effort to not get too excited. After what felt like a mini treasure hunt, all the discreet sale sign pointed her to the venue where the sale was located. As she opened the door, immediately a whiff of genuine and designer leather scent welcomed her.

Now lets take a step back a bit. Carmen and Natasha have been invited to these so-called designer warehouse sale events, but to be honest most of them have been a huge disappointment. Not only were the items over ten seasons old (well, so it seemed), but the discount has been so minuscule that it became a waste of time.

The Laprendo sale, however, was the complete opposite.

Lets begin with Natasha’s first purchase: the coveted green leather Prada pumps. The original price at Prada shops in Singapore was SGD1200, sold at Laprendo for SGD700. How much did she pay for it? SGD 260! It also came in pink and a gorgeous shade of light blue. It if wasn’t for her newfound self-control, she would have bought all three colors!!!


After briefly losing her composure, her eyes drifted to a monochrome black and white pair of Chanel flats. Natasha was determined not to spend over SGD300 on a pair of shoes, so the Chanel flats would definitely cost more than that. Or so she thought. Natasha held her breath as she turned the shoe over to reveal the price  and she could not believe her eyes. The shoes were SGD290! It would have been a big mistake not to buy them, don’t you think our dear readers?? Afterall, black and white will never go out of style!


Next purchase: Christian Dior blush pink wedges. Admittedly, Dior shoes is not something that Natasha would typically purchase. As much as she likes the design, the pricetag is not something that she agrees with. This, however, was different. Again, she flipped this gorgeous pair of shoes to see the price and she couldn’t believe her eyes. SGD252! Now all Natasha has to do is buy a bag to match the shoes! 🙂 These shoes are perfect to wear to a polo match or to a nice brunch at a swanky cafe or hotel. Pair it with a pretty floral flowy dress for the ultimate chic and feminine look! Oh, and don’t forget a matching clutch.



So just when she thought her day couldn’t get any better, she decided to venture out to the bags section and her eyes eventually landed on four Balenciaga metallic bags, two gold and two silver. What was more interesting was a small signage next to it which read : Giveaways SGD100.  A friendly storekeeper must have detected Natasha’s perplexed look, because she approached her and said, “Yes, the bags are SGD100. We have so many of them in stock we decided to sell them for a mere SGD100”. Get this, dear readers, the big bags (40 cm in length) were originally valued at SGD2190 and Natasha got it for SGD100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *excuse the exclamation marks*


So there you go, there designer shoes and one gigantic designer bag – all for SGD800! This type of thing doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it sure feels pretty damn awesome!!


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