Our most coveted bracelets for a perfect armswag


So let’s face it, while teenagers Kylie and Kendall Jenner can rock a stack of Cartier’s love and juste un clou bracelets, retailed at around SGD9,000 each, most of the world’s population can’t even afford HALF of a bracelet.

We went on a quest to find an equally hot armswag combo at a more reasonable price! Below are some of Natasha’s favorite. Hint: Christmas is coming up, how timely is this post! You can subtly (or not) nudge your loved one to order it NOW.

The first one is the Vita Fede bracelet. The one featured above is the mini titan stone bracelet, which costs USD375 – it also comes in gold and silver. We also love the one below, mini titan crystal bracelet also at the same price.




We snapped this photo above from the honestlywtf blog page. How gorgeous is the combo!! L-O-V-E it!


This is how the famous blogger Amy Song rocked her arm swag with the Vita Fede bracelet combo. We want them all! Check out her online shop at vitafede.com. (by the way, we love the meaning of Vita Fede, Vita means life, while Fede means faith)

Next on our list is Sarah Chloe’s personalised bracelets (and rings and necklaces). Natasha first spotted this gorgeous bracelet on Giuliana Rancic’s tiny wrist shot that she posted on her Instagram. You can personalise the bracelets in however way you want, be it initials or your full name. you can personalise the font, too!

The one below is so simple but divine! At USD129, the Ella bangles adjustable version are so affordable! They come in rose gold and silver. We’d like three of each please!


Another favorite is the Elle bangle round, which costs USD129. Oh, they also come in the square version!


Ella bangles clasp version below are also nice, at USD139 each.


Check out how Giuliana Rancic stacks hers! Love it!! And further down below, you can see how Kourtney Kardashian does her version of stacking them all together. Check out her website at sarahchloe.com.

We think they would make the perfect Christmas gift, don’t you think??!




One thought on “Our most coveted bracelets for a perfect armswag

  1. Hi Carmen and Natasha, et-i-kit singapore now stocks Vita Fede and it is available online at http://www.et-i-kit.com with free shipping. We here at et-i-kit would like to invite you and your readers to a special 10% off our Vita Fede collection online with a discount code : ” carmen&natasha ”

    In the mean time we only accept Paypal, hence when checking out, your customer goes to paypal.com right away, where PayPal collects their shipping and billing addresses. After that, the customer returns to the main site where they pick a shipping rate (free in singapore), types in the discount code (carmen&natasha), and the price will be updated accordingly, and on that same page, your customer gets to finalise their transaction.

    This Discount code is only valid from Feb 24, 2014 and will Expire on Mar 31, 2014.


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