Perfume class in Singapore… why not?!


Love perfume? We do too! Woody, aromatic, floral, fruity and oriental. Sure we all know those. But what about Chypre, Leather, Fougere and Aldehyde? Say whaaat?

Ever wondered what the heck someone was talking about when they mention “top notes, middle notes and base notes” when all you really smell is flowers?

Well it’s time to learn more about perfume, and Carmen was lucky enough to be invited by Sandy who runs Nose who Knows here in Singapore to transform into a fragrance apprentice during their Discovery Day classes.

Sandy keeps things fun during her classes, and first up are a few fun games to get people guessing fun things like: “which of these two smells is derived from natural and which is synthetic?” This is harder then it sounds!

Then Sandy pulls out some of the natural raw materials that we use to derive fragrance…

_DSC0013bOk so that thing above looks like something out of a sci-fi movie… but it actually contains fragrance! It’s called Vetiver and it’s from Haiti (it’s a root that smells nice!).

Here are some other cool ingredients that all have fragrance:

_DSC0010bSome of them you will recognise such as vanilla pods and cinnamon sticks, and then there are some (i.e. see crazy sci-fi root object above) that you just can’t believe hold fragrance!

Carmen then learnt all about the different fragrance families and all about “top, middle and base notes”. That’s right – if you walk past Carmen now she may stop you in the street and tell you your base notes are just too strong for human kind (musk is a base note).

And here we all are below smelling different fragrance families! It was so much fun to learn about crazy fragrances such as leather (it’s apparently really “IN” now in the fragrance world) and gourmand (smells like chocolate? oh so gourmand!).


And then the REALLY fun part – Carmen got to make her OWN fragrance! Carmen went for a blend of heavy and fresh florals, woody, spicy and a hint of musk – it was pretty crazy and she probably will knock people out with the scent – however it was so much fun creating your own fragrance! _DSC0017b


Overall Carmen would highly recommend attending a class with Sandy at Nose who Knows. Not only does Sandy have lengthy experience in the perfume industry, but she also keeps her classes fun, light hearted and you get to make your own fragrance – need we say more?! Oh one more point – Sandy also runs classes for kids!! Love!

Here is a pic of the lovely Sandy hard at work!


Here are a list of upcoming events by Nose who Knows and their website details:

NWK up-coming events to end 2013:

Perfume Discovery Day @ The GoDown

Take your senses on a journey of pleasure and education as you delve into a world of scents for 2 mornings.
– November 5th & 6th
– December 2nd & 3rd

Evening Perfume Discovery @ Escentials Paragon

-December 4th and 5th (6 to 9pm)

The “Nose” apprentice @ L’Observatoire

New format ! 90 min to initiate your little ones to the sense of smell and let them create their own scented products.
– November 9th
– December 14th




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