Hanna Lee Shop, Cluny Court’s hidden gem

Between both Carmen and Natasha’s travel schedule and recovery from a pretty nasty flu,  and two rescheduled lunch dates to Cluny Court, we’re both proud to say we finally made it to Cluny Court!

We’re sure many of you walk, run, drive, past it but if you don’t live in the Bukit Timah/ Holland area, you would’t really be that enticed to go out of your way to explore the shops inside. Well, Carmen and Natasha will hopefully change your mind after reading this post (and a few more in the next few days!).

The first shop that got our attention was Hanna Lee, the jewellery shop located on level 2 of Cluny Court. There were so many gorgeous pieces at a reasonable price, and most importantly, great quality! We spoke to Hayley, the owner of this wonderful shop, who sources her stuff from America and England. Christmas is around the corner, and we guarantee you will find something in this shop for your loved ones!

Below are some of Carmen and Natasha’s favorites!


This awesome necklace is on the sale rack!! It’s very House of Harlow, don’t you think?


We’re all about quality, as well as packaging. Afterall, it’s all part of branding right? And what’s the point of buying something gorgeous if the packaging is crap? Hanna Lee definitely got their packaging right!



The earrings above are Carmen’s favorite. We love the color, and the detail and intricacy of the design. They come in silver and gold, too!


Being a huge fan of bright colors, Natasha adores the necklace above!


How awesome are the earrings above and below! Sourced from New York, they definitely got our vote. Perfect for Chinese New Year season next year or wear it with a cute cocktail frock and make sure you put your hair in a ponytail to show off those gorgeous tassles.20131023-231318.jpg

The necklace above is another one of Natasha’s favorites. Check out how Hayley cleverly incorporated the necklace into her halter top! So creative and it instantly jazzed up a otherwise plain top. LOVE! (we’re liking her perfect quiff, too! Perfect updo for Singapore’s hot weather)



The earrings below are oh-so-Shanghai Tang, don’t you think? The white ones are gorgeous but the blue ones are equally cool!



We adore the bracelets below, they’re absolutely perfect on its own but they’re even better stacked for that ultimate arm/wrist swag 🙂




For more information on Hanna Lee, go to Facebook and look them up under hannaleeshop, alternatively go to their website http://www.shophannalee.com


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