Pop up at People’s Park Complex – Edible Gardens, Naiise and Haystakt

We love how many pop ups are… well… popping up… in Singapore.

Carmen found out about an awesome popup currently running on a rooftop in the middle of Chinatown – People’s Park Complex to be precise, and had to check it out!

Edible gardens (one of the first to introduce urban agriculture to Singapore!) is keen to promote the concept of urban farming, and to start of 2014 they decided to reach out to the public via a pop up store, teaming up with a couple of awesome local online retailers to help spread the word. Eventually by the end of May they will be using the space to create one of the LARGEST URBAN GARDENS in ASIA!!! How exciting is that?

The online retailers they have teamed up with are:

Naiise: (www.naiise.com)  stocks a range of furniture and interesting gifts – if you are looking for unique finds then this is a great place to start.

Haystakt (www.haystakt.com) features local makers and their crafts. We think it’s so awesome that this firm is supporting local artists!

Here are some pics of the pop up space, open until the end of the month.



Loving these prints below. Can you believe they are actually real photographs (not illustrations)!



Seriously, Carmen could easily have bought everything in this photo below, from the manmade shelf ladder to the little watering can and those blank notebooks on the right were also gorgeous! BeFunky_IMG_1309.jpg

Fun tote bags below! From memory around $20sgd. BeFunky_IMG_1313b.jpg

Loving the Naiise sign spotted in the pop up below! BeFunky_IMG_1315.jpgThese napkins below were so awesome – love them! $10sgd each pack.BeFunky_null_2b.jpg

All the below items are made using RICE HUSK. No plastic at all – isn’t that amazeballs?! They are all microwaveable too and we can imagine they are a lot safer then heating up that plastic tupperware. Love the coffee cup too… Oh and as you can see in the far right corner, they had those fun stripey straws too which we love for parties! BeFunky_null_2d.jpg

Wooden iphone covers anyone? These age naturally over the years – which we think is pretty cool (as long as Apple doesn’t change the size of the phone anytime soon!).BeFunky_null_2e.jpg

So many fun knick knacks can be found at this pop up! BeFunky_null_2ss.jpg


Fun tablewares can also be found! BeFunky_null_e5.jpg

Now here is something Carmen considered as one of the highlights. They had created “living” table decorations – as you can see by the below placemats (YES they are real!!)! Having said that, they are really only meant to be hung on the wall – which in itself is so cool! Apparently they are some type of mossy plant – and they smell amazing! BeFunky_null_3gree.jpg

You can see one hung up in the below picture on the left. How gorgeous is the living wall?! So great to see such creative home decor in Singapore! BeFunky_null_3sdr.jpg

And when you venture outside, you can find the beginning of the massive roof garden Edible Gardens are planning to create! BeFunky_IMG_1319.jpg BeFunky_IMG_13218.jpg

Love the contrast of the urban garden vs city jungle in the background!BeFunky_null_2sssd.jpgMore details:

Level 6, People’s Park Complex, 1 Park Rd (www.facebook.com/nongediblegardens). 3-28 Feb. Daily 11am-6pm. Tip: Use the residential lift near the KFC at People’s Park Complex. 


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