Welcoming Spring ZARA Style!

So here’s the thing – we’ve been a tad bit disappointed with ZARA lately, because ever since Christmas last year, we saw nothing but dark colors! Yes, we know it’s winter everywhere else but Singapore (and its surrounding countries), but we can’t help but count the days when the spring collection hits the store considering how unbearably HOT Singapore has been for the past two months.

So Natasha decided to check out ION’s ZARA shop and … *drumroll* … at last, the spring collection has finally arrived! And boy oh boy, was she super excited to scout all the gorgeous stuff they have in stock. After a few seconds – okay make it a few minutes – she finally managed to contain her excitement and picked out her favorite print dresses only. Why? To be honest, she would’ve ended up with 50 items and that would’ve made the ZARA staff a bit suspicious!

Below are Natasha’s top four print dresses!

The dress below is absolutely gorgeous! From the color, print, cut, silhouette, it ticked all the right boxes. Oh, and it’s affordable at SGD109.90. Perfect office attire or date night or brunch! Throw on a belt to cinch the waist – for some reason, we think a neon yellow colored belt would do the trick. (note: Natasha ended up buying this dress, because it needed a home, she said)



This dress is equally gorgeous as the first one and comfy! Again, what’s not to love about this dress? It ticks all the same boxes as the dress above (with the same price, too!). By the way, Natasha decided to buy this one as well because she said the other dress needed a friend in the closet.


How cool is the detailing on the collar? It makes such a difference to the dress. Pair it with yellow or green stilettos if you’re feeling bold and brave. Tone it down with grey or black pumps for a more subtle look.


This dress has quite an interesting print, definitely more casual than the previous two, but way more edgy! It’s quite short as well, so we think strappy sandals would polish the look perfectly. Put on a bright and chunky neck candy and put your hair up in a messy bun and you’re good to go!


The final dress on Natasha’s list is the most demure looking of the lot, but its’ still pretty! Stack a few strings of pearl necklace at different lengths and slip on a pair of black ballerina flats and a simple clutch. Perfect for a weekend brunch! You can dress it up with a pair of black pumps to transform it into office wear.



2 thoughts on “Welcoming Spring ZARA Style!

  1. Love the first one! I was in one of the Zara’s a few weeks ago in NYC and I didn’t see these so I’m hoping next time I go in I see them.

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