A Friday Night Well Spent with the Gucci Artisans


It’s been a while since Carmen and Natasha last checked out the goodies in a Gucci boutique, so when we got an invitation to witness the creation of Gucci’s iconic bamboo handbags at its flagship store in Paragon, we thought ‘why the heck not?!’.

It’s amazing how you take for granted the amount of work and craftsmanship that goes into making a gorgeous Gucci handbag, so seeing one being made right in front of your eyes really make you gain a sense of appreciation and understanding why the pricetag is a tad on the expensive side.


There were four artisans who displayed their expertise in crafting some of Gucci’s exquisite designs and it really is a show of excellent teamwork as each person clearly takes pride in the work they do to produce a gorgeous bag.





We absolutely love the pencil sketches of the handbag designs. How cool would it look to have it framed and placed on the wall of your walk-in closet?! (hey we’re allowed to fantasize, are we not?).



So when one is wondering around a designer boutique such as Gucci, one can’t help but fantasize about “if we had $15,000 to spend in this shop, what would we buy??”. So here’s Carmen and Natasha’s list of goodies:


How adorable is this tote bag!! Very spring, chic, and feminine. The pink really makes all the difference. We can totally picture carrying this bag around Firenze in a beautiful summer dress and wedges, while enjoying that yummy gelato in a cone. 🙂


We both love these wedges – and no, these should not be paired with the gorgeous bag above. A bit too much floral can’t be a good thing! How fantastic would this look with a bright colored A-line skirt and a crisp white shirt and a beautiful statement necklace? Sigh.


What’s not to love about this croco leather tote bag? The color is absolutely gorgeous! note: We didn’t dare ask the price on this one and did the wisest thing, which was to just walk away (and not look back)


We both went gaga over the two dresses above and the sparkly shoes on the right. What girl doesn’t love sparkly things?!


These simple suede pumps got our attention. The color, the shape and height tick all the right boxes!


How exquisite is the dress above! The combination of color and pattern, together with the gorgeous cut and silhouette – both of us were blown away! How very French Riviera and Amalfi Coast.


The bag above is so darn cute! Admittedly we’re not a big fan of hearts on a bag, but somehow this works. Pair it with dark denim, cute pink ballerina flats, and a white shirt and you’re done.


In love with the dresses above! The unusual terra cotta color really makes it stand out. All you need with this dress is the perfect sun-kissed skin and a pair of kickass wedges.


Tell us what you think!

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